29 February 2008 at 19:38 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

The gig in Melkweg is also completely sold out.

at 14:10 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Three news tourdates have been added. dEUS will play B1 in Moscow on May 14th and Debaser in Stockholm on May 22nd. The performace at Melt Festival has also been confirmed. I have updated the tourmap with the latest info.

at 10:27 posted by Jean-Yves 1 Comment

dEUS will headline the Rock Werchter festival on Sunday, July 6. Other acts that day include Beck, Underworld, the Kaiser Chiefs and Justice. Radiohead & Sigur Rós will play the day before. Here's the list so far.

at 10:15 posted by Jean-Yves 5 Comments

Slow is now playing on the 3Voor12 website!

[thanks to an anonymous visitor]

28 February 2008 at 21:41 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

A complete version of The Architect is now available on the dEUS Myspace player, Last.fm and Facebook. Feel free to embed the Last.FM player in your blog, Myspace or Facebook-profile. And give your opinion in the poll on the right side of this blog.

at 21:39 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

If you didn't get tickets for the clubtour, you can always score tickets for Rock Werchter. Presale starts on saturday March 1st. They've just added Neil Young, Moby, Beck, Soulwax and Underworld to their line-up. Other bands include R.E.M., Radiohead and Lenny Kravitz. A ticket for 1 day will cost 75 euro.

at 21:19 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

The upcoming release of Vantage Point has made it to Billboard, Pitchfork, Uncut, Drowned in Sound, Noize Makes Enemies and CMJ Network.

Other online media coverage:
Belgium: De Standaard, Knack, daMusic, De Morgen, Het Belang van Limburg, Musiczine.net, De redactie, RTL
The Netherlands: LiveXS, Alternative Blog
France: RamDam

If you notice other media-coverage, just drop me a line.

at 20:58 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

Tim translated the speech by Marleen Vanderpoorten at the ceremony in the Flemish Parliament. The original in Dutch is over here.

"Get off get up, you son of pop the light below is bright on top."With this primal scream the flemish rock scene was awoken in 1994. The scream was from a group of youngsters from Antwerp who called themselves "dEUS". They garnered international succes with their single "Suds And Soda".

Dear Tom, your first album "Worst Case Scenario" hit the scene in 1994 like a bomb. The international music press was lacking the superlatives to describe it. The Brittish Q magazine was talking about a unique appeal, thanks to the combination of astonishing songs with fresh, unrestrained arrangements and an unusual combination of the sublime with the bizarre. Others described your music as "cosmopolitan" and "freakish", "experimental" and "melodious", "warm" and "surprising". The mainstream audience followed, concert halls filled and albums sold like crazy. The successors of the debut album were also received very warmly. Hits like "Sister Dew" and "Instant Street", what we just heard, are the favorite songs for hundreds of thousands of youngsters.

The wait for your last album "Pocket Revolution" was long. But it has turned out a jewel. We know that you're recording a new album right now and we're looking forward to it anxiously.

You gave us goose bumps, on large stages, "Vorst Nationaal", "Rock Werchter" and the "0110" concerts. But dEUS is more than just a live band. The technicity you put in your studio work is without its equal. Moreover, dEUS is not your only creative project. Together wit Guy Van Nueten you're playing acoustical concerts. Your dj sets, using the name Magnus, prove your musical versatility. Film is your first love and is a constant theme in your work. You directed most of the music clips of dEUS, but also some of Arno and Axelle Red. In 1996 your short film "Turnpike" was played over Europe as an opener for "Trainspotting". With "Any Way The Wind Blows" you have put a successful full-length film on your record.

Since 1998 dEUS is cultural ambassador for Flanders. And rightly so, because your impact on the national and international pop scene is very large. Thanks to dEUS, the Flemish rock scene has started to believe in itself again. A lot of young and innovative talent is sprung up in your lead. Often people with whom you had a collaboration with. Examples are "Zita Swoon", "Vive La Fete" and "Millionaire".

Dear Tom, not a lot of people can say they have a generation named after them. You can, the young adults of this time belong to the "dEUS-generation". As a token of our appreciation i present to you, in the name of the Flemish Parliament, the golden medallion 2008.

at 12:15 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

Next Friday Dutch radio 3FM will premiere 'Slow', the first single from Vantage Point outside of Belgium. The song, which features Karin Dreijer from The Knife, will get aired in the show MoveYourAss, which starts at 22h CET and will also feature a short interview with Tom.

(thx to Kevin)

at 08:49 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Magdalena created a guitartab for Magdalena. It's available here.

at 08:30 posted by Bart Van Belle 4 Comments

Big up to Tom! He posted a video of Patrick Riguelle playing Instant Street at the Flemish Parliament yesterday.

Update: another video

27 February 2008 at 20:02 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

An article in Uncut reveals some info on the UK-release. Apparently Vantage Point will be released on April 28th by V2.

at 14:43 posted by Bart Van Belle 22 Comments

It looks like all Belgian gigs have sold out in about 30 minutes. If you have tickets, be happy. There are probably thousands of other people out there who'd commit a murder for a ticket.

at 13:54 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Tom witnessed the ceremony in the Flemish Parliament where Tom received the Gouden Erepenning for his merits in music. Here's his account:

Als je goed kijkt zie je Tom staan terwijl hij de erepenning krijgt van Marleen Vanderpoorten. Op de ministerbanken à Raymond, Dirk Brossé en Will Tura. Weinig volk in het parlement: de lege vleugel is die van het Vlaams Belang, ook Lijst De Decker was niet aanwezig.

Patrick Riguelle speelde Instant Street. Heel grappig was de doventolk van Helga Stevens die Instant Street simultaan vertaalden.

Marleen Vanderpoorten opende haar speech met de opening van WCS, verwees naar dEUS en soloprojecten met Guy Van Nueten en Bolland. Ze keek uit naar de nieuwe cd die dEUS ‘aan het opnemen is’ en ze besloot met de stellen dat een hele generatie naar hem is genoemd: de dEUS-generatie. Marleen Vanderpoorten verwees ook naar 0110 waarop de aanwezige parlementairen applaudisseerden.

Here's the press release and the transcript of the speech. A couple of pics over here.

at 10:52 posted by Bart Van Belle 7 Comments

Later today, at 2 PM, ticketsale for the Belgian dEUS-gigs will start. Below you'll find straight links to the ticketpages where you can order. If you want tickets for Luik or Hasselt, you better make sure you have a Sherpa.be-account.

29/04 Muziekodroom, Hasselt - buy tickets
30/04 Droixhe, Luik - buy tickets
01/05 Het Depot, Leuven - buy tickets
02/05 Eden, Charleroi - buy tickets
03/05 Cactus at MAZ, Brugge - buy tickets
05/05 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels - buy tickets

at 08:55 posted by Bart Van Belle 6 Comments

There's an interview with Nick Cave in Knack today. At the time of the interview Cave had just finished his interview with Tom Barman for Spraakmakers and he was apparently feeling a bit dizzy. Cave says he felt like he did three interviews at the same time.

Wij vrezen het ergste wanneer we Cave, wiens teksten jarenlang heet van de heroïnenaald dropen, bij het betreden van zijn hotelkamer een pilletje zien achteroverklokken. 'Paracetamol', verzekert hij ons. Blijkt dat Cave voor het Canvasprogramma Spraakmakers net een uur lang met Tom Barman heeft zitten praten en dat zijn hoofd er nóg van duizelt.

Nick Cave: Een toffe en intelligente gast, maar ik heb het gevoel dat ik net drie interviews tegelijk heb gedaan. Als ik nog één fuckin' woord uit mijn mond hoor komen, schiet ik me voor de kop. Geloof het of niet, maar eigenlijk praat ik helemaal niet zo graag over mezelf.

26 February 2008 at 20:00 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Fabchannel.com, the award-winning live music platform, today announced a recording and multi-territory digital exploitation agreement with Universal Music Netherlands, a division of the world’s leading music company, for live recordings of Universal Music artists performing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam and other Fabchannel-venue (as Melkweg).

Since V2 (the recordlabel of dEUS outside Belgium) is a part of Universal, it's not impossible that the gig in Melkweg will make it to Fabchannel. In the meantime you can still watch this Zita Swoon-gig from 2005.

at 14:08 posted by Bart Van Belle 4 Comments

Apparently, the april 10th gig (Mannheim) was first scheduled in Heidelberg. Or did the German promotor made a mistake when he mailed the tourdates to Rockpalast?

(Source: Rockpalast weblog)

Update: Pollstar is also listing Heidelberg instead of Mannheim.

at 12:11 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Quick note: it's great that you're all giving reactions on blog-items, but it would be nice if you try to leave your name instead of reacting as Anonymous.

at 11:13 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

If you're on Facebook (or Last.fm) and you're planning to go and see one (or more) dEUS-shows, be sure to add the dEUS-gigs to your events. They're all listed over here (or here). Just click 'Add to my events'.

at 11:09 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

The gig in Doornroosje, Nijmegen is sold out already.

(thx to Paulus)

25 February 2008 at 21:37 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Tom was interviewed on Studio Brussel tonight about the exiting announcements of today. Here's a quick round-up:

  • The album will be released on April 18th
  • The album was recorded and mixed in three months (a record for dEUS)
  • The album is compact, danceable and recorded for live-performances
  • Vantage Point contains 10 songs (about 47 minutes)
  • They play smaller clubs first to warm-up for the festivals
  • He thinks it's a pitty bands from outside Belgium usually skip the smaller clubs they're playing now and directly go to halls as Vooruit (Gent) and Ancienne Belgique (Brussel)
  • They'll be making the video for The Architect next week
  • Tom directed the clip for Slow. He describes it as a typical dEUS-video with dancers (5 young girls)
  • The architect is about Buckminster Fuller and contains his voice (hidden under effects)

Update: you can listen to the interview here.

at 20:53 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Nice story from Steven Adam in my mailbox:

Last weekend i did a little trip with my girlfriend to antwerp. It was the first time i visited antwerp. So, yesterday evening, the first day of ourstay, we went to a sushi bar (minato, vlaamsekaai) to have a nice diner. Ok, that sounds like an boring story, but here's the unbelieveable: guess who entered the restaurant? Right, tom! I was completly excited but i didn't want to disturb him during his meal. So i waited until he went out for a smoke. So i smoked a cigarette with him and talked with him about the new album. After reading your blog, i can give you interesting news: he told me that they'll play the melt festival in germany (near berlin).

Melt Festival is scheduled from July 18th to July 20th.

at 20:07 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Since it's gonna be a spring, summer and autumn filled with dEUS-news and gossip, you might consider subscribing this weblog. Try rss, e-mail or Twitter for instance.

at 19:19 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

The events-listing on Last.Fm is also mentioning a dEUS-gig in Moscow on May 14th. The gig was not mentioned in the list of official tourdates that was revealed today. Since it's not listed on the Club B1-website, I consider it a rumour until further notice.

By the way: the tourmap is updated with all new gigs. If you notice a missing one, just drop me a line in the comments.

at 15:04 posted by Jean-Yves 8 Comments

Tom said on StuBru this afternoon that Slow would be the album's first international single, while The Architect is the single for Belgium.

Besides the new single The Architect, the only new song listed in the keywords of the new home page is Slow.

[...] The Architect,Slow,Vantage Point [...]

Does this point to Slow as a second single?

at 13:01 posted by Bart Van Belle 23 Comments

The Architect was aired for the first time on Studio Brussel. Click here to listen to a snippet.

at 09:00 posted by Bart Van Belle 7 Comments

There's also a message from Tom on the new website. He talks about the album and says they'll be touring the big cities in Europe first, then come back for the festival and do an larger tour in autumn.

About the album:

  • Vantage Point was produced by Dave McCracken and mixed by Joe Hirst.
  • One of the songs features Lies Lorquet from Mintzkov
  • Other special guests include Guy Garvey from Elbow (on‘The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider’) and Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife (on 'Slow')
  • The video for Slow is being finished as we speak and should be available on dEUS.be soon

at 08:57 posted by Bart Van Belle 9 Comments

dEUS.be has just announced a bunch of new tourdates. They play a lot in smaller clubs.
Check the tourpage on the brand new dEUS.be for more info. Ticketsale for the Belgian gigs will start next wednesday.

08/04 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands
09/04 Roxy, Saarbrücken, Germany (tickets)
10/04 Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany (tickets)
14/04 Kulturkirche, Köln, Germany (tickets)
15/04 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
16/04 Scala, London, UK
24/04 Trabendo, Paris, France (tickets)
29/04 Muziekodroom, Hasselt, Belgium (tickets)
30/04 Droixhe, Luik, Belgium (tickets)
01/05 Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium
02/05 Eden, Charleroi, Belgium
03/05 Cactus at MAZ, Brugge, Belgium
05/05 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
07/05 Elserhalle, München, Germany (tickets)
08/05 Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy (tickets)
09/05 Rote Fabrik, Zürich, Switzerland
10/05 Linzfestival, Linz, Austria
11/05 Flex, Vienna, Austria (tickets)

23 February 2008 at 11:59 posted by Bart Van Belle 12 Comments

Since The Architect will have its premiere next monday, we can already start voting for De Afrekening. Drop your top-3 here.

at 07:14 posted by Bart Van Belle 4 Comments

De Morgen and Gazet Van Antwerpen have an interview with Nick Cave today. Apparently, Tom has interviewed Nick Cave for tv-program Spraakmakers. The interview will be aired on March 9th.

Although, they used to have the same tourmanager Cave says in the newspapers he doesn't know dEUS, but he will listen to it since Tom gave him an album.

at 07:10 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Yesterday, Luc Janssens, the host of the belgium tvprogramm Lux XL announcend that dEUS will present their new album (exclusively) on the last broadcast of Lux XL (April 3th)

(thx to Amber)

at 06:55 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Paulus posted the tracklist of Vantage Point on ISR. Here we go:

1. When She Comes Down
2. Oh Your God
3. Eternal Woman
4. Favourite Game
5. Slow
6. The Architect
7. Is a Robot
8. Smokers Reflect
9. The Vanishing of Maria Schneider
10. Popular Culture

at 06:44 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

NME reports British singersongwriter Adem will cover Hotellounge on his next cover-album Takes. Other bands that he'll cover include Björk, PJ Harvey, The Breeders and Smashing Pumpkins.

(thx to Woep on ISR)

at 06:37 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Studio Brussel will air the new single of dEUS monday morning somewhere between 7.30 and 7.45 hour. The song is called The Architect and is according to Peter Van de Veire a very danceable tune.

(thx to Idiotic on ISR)

22 February 2008 at 12:25 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

I have been subscribed to the Last.FM Events-feed for dEUS for a while. Saw a new event popping up this morning: a dEUS-gig at Rote Fabrik, Zürich on April 9th. Since the official Rote Fabrik website has not listed the gig at this moment, I consider it a rumour.

at 11:19 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

Interesting article in Focus Knack last week about the increasing prices for concerttickets (in Dutch). It show a graphic with the evolution of the prices for dEUS-concerts (in Belgium). And also a nice ticketscan from the early dEUS-years.

at 06:52 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Somebody posted a comment saying dEUS will play The Scala in London on April 16th. There's nothing on the official Scala-website (yet), but Ticketmaster.co.uk is indeed listing this gig. Presale should start next monday.

21 February 2008 at 17:41 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

The Flemish Parliament will extend the Gouden Erepenning for merits in the music-industry to Tom Barman, Dirk Brosse, Will Tura and Raymond Van Het Groenewoud next wednesday February 27th between 12.00 and 15.00 hour.

(thx to Tom)

at 16:18 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

Let the rumouring begin! Got a mail today pointing me to the Motel Mozaïque-website and saying there's a Very Special Guest scheduled on Friday April 11th. Could it be? Have you heard other rumours about dEUS-gigs? Please post them in the comments.

I will add rumoured gigs to the tourmap as well. You'll recognize them by the -icon.

20 February 2008 at 20:08 posted by Bart Van Belle

Here's the list of the tourdates for the Vantage Point Tour so far. A graphical overview of the tour is available on the tourmap. You can also add gigs to your Facebook or Last.FM-events and make plans with other fans on I Suffer Rock.


06/04/2008 - Mezz, Breda, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
setlist - review

08/04/2008 - Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

09/04/2008 - Roxy, Saarbrücken, Germany (tickets)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

10/04/2008 - Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany (tickets)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

11/04/2008 - Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (tickets)

14/04/2008 - Kulturkirche, Köln, Germany (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

15/04/2008 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

16/04/2008 - Scala, London, UK (SOLD OUT)
support act: White Lies, The Blackbox Revelation

17/04/2008 - Hub Session, BBC 6 Music, Londen (UK)

20/04/2008 - Vantage Point Studio Webcast, Antwerp, Belgium

24/04/2008 - Trabendo, Paris, France (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

28/04/2008 - Black Session, Maison de Radio France, Paris, France (tickets)

29/04/2008 - Muziekodroom, Hasselt, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation
setlist - review

30/04/2008 - Droixhe, Luik, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation
setlist - review


01/05/2008 - Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation
setlist - review

02/05/2008 - Eden, Charleroi, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation
setlist - review

03/05/2008 - Cactus at MAZ, Brugge, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation
setlist - review

05/05/2008 - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation
setlist - review

07/05/2008 - Elserhalle, München, Germany (tickets)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

08/05/2008 - Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy (tickets)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

09/05/2008 - Rote Fabrik, Zürich, Switzerland (tickets)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

10/05/2008 - Linzfestival, Linz, Austria (free entrance)

11/05/2008 - Flex, Vienna, Austria (tickets)
support act: The Blackbox Revelation

14/05/2008 - B1, Moscow, Russia (tickets)

18/05/2008 - Private gig for Radio Mint
with Arid and Girls in Hawaii

22/05/2008 - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden (tickets)


21/06/2008 - European Music Day, Esplanada del Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain (free entrance)

28/06/2008 - Les Folies de Maubeuge, Maubeuge, France (tickets (Fnac))


04/07/2008 - Les Eurockéennes, Belfort, France (tickets)

06/07/2008 - Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium (tickets)
with: Beck, Underworld, Kaiser Chiefs, The Kooks
setlist - review

08/07/2008 - Rockwave, Athens, Greece (tickets)

11/07/2008 - Oxegen, An Nas, Ireland (SOLD OUT)

12/07/2008 - T in the Park, Balado, Kinross-shire, Schotland (SOLD OUT)

14/07/2008 - sPAZIALE Festival, Torino, Italy (tickets)

15/07/2008 - Piazza Castello , Ferrara, Italy (tickets)

16/07/2008 - Cave Auditorium, Roma, Italy (tickets)

18/07/2008 - Melt Festival, Gräfenhainichen, Germany (tickets)

19/07/2008 - Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Suffolk, United Kingdom (tickets)

22/07/2008 - Paléo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland (tickets)

25/07/2008 - Au Pont du Rock, Malestroit, France (tickets)


02/08/2008 - Paredes de Coura festival, Portugal (tickets)

04/08/2008 - Les méditerranéennes, Leucate, France (tickets)

10/08/2008 - Ypsigrock, Castelbuono, Italy (tickets)

15/08/2008 - Stufstock-festival, Vama Veche, Dobrogea, Romania (tickets)

17/08/2008 - Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)

30/08/2008 - Cabaret Vert, Charleville-Mézières, France (tickets)


30/09/2008 - Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland (tickets)
support act: Murmansk


02/10/2008 - Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark (tickets)
support act: Sennen

03/10/2008 - Fritzclub im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany (tickets)
support act: Sennen

04/10/2008 - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany (tickets)
support act: Sennen

06/10/2008 - Abaton, Prague, Czech Republic (tickets)
support act: Sennen

07/10/2008 - Arena, Vienna, Austria (tickets)
support act: Sennen

08/10/2008 - Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland (tickets)
support act: Sennen

10/10/2008 - Volkshaus, Basel, Switzerland (tickets)
support act: Sennen

11/10/2008 - Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany (tickets)
support act: Sennen

13/10/2008 - Tripod, Dublin, Ireland (tickets)
support act: De Staat

14/10/2008 - Academy 3, Manchester, United Kingdom (tickets)
support act: De Staat

15/10/2008 - The Forum, London, United Kingdom (tickets)

15/10/2008 - Koko, London, United Kingdom (tickets)
support act: De Staat

19/10/2008 - Aula Magna, Lisboa, Portugal (tickets)
support act: Os Pontos Negros

21/10/2008 - Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Portugal (tickets)
support act: Os Pontos Negros
setlist - review

23/10/2008 - Capitol, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (tickets)

24/10/2008 - Joy Eslava, Madrid, Spain (tickets)
support act: Nine Stories

25/10/2008 - Greenspace, Valencia, Spain (tickets) CANCELLED

26/10/2008 - Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain (tickets)
support act: Tu Madre

28/10/2008 - Viper, Firenze, Italy (tickets)
support act: Ministri

29/10/2008 - New Age Club, Rondage, Italy (tickets)
support act: Ministri

30/10/2008 - Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy (tickets)
support act: Ministri

31/10/2008 - Vox Club, Nonantola, Italy (tickets)
support act: Ministri


01/11/2008 - Velvet, Rimini, Italy (tickets)
support act: Ministri

24/11/2008 - Zénith, Paris, France (tickets)

24/11/2008 - Le Bataclan, Paris, France (tickets) (SOLD OUT)
support act: The Hickey Underworld

25/11/2008 - Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France (tickets)
support act: The Hickey Underworld

26/11/2008 - Bikini, Toulouse, France (tickets)
support act: The Hickey Underworld

28/11/2008 - Le Summum Festival, Grenoble, France (tickets)
with: Tindersticks

29/11/2008 - L'Autre Canal, Nancy, France (tickets)
support act: The Hickey Underworld


01/12/2008 - Den Atelier, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (SOLD OUT)
support act: Expatriate

02/12/2008 - Den Atelier, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (tickets)
support act: Expatriate

03/12/2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
support act: Expatriate

04/12/2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
support act: Expatriate

05/12/2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
support act: Expatriate

07/12/2008 - 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands (tickets)
support act: Expatriate
setlist - review

10/12/2008 - Vorst Nationaal, Vorst, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
support act: Expatriate
setlist - review

11/12/2008 - Vorst Nationaal, Vorst, Belgium (tickets)
support act: Expatriate
setlist - review

22/02/2009 - Humo's Pop Poll, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium

18/08/2009 - Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands (tickets)

19/08/2009 - Atak, Enschede, The Netherlands (tickets)

21/08/2009 - Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Belgium (tickets)

22/08/2009 - Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Belgium (tickets)

at 12:16 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

A big majority of readers of this blog (71%) thinks Vantage Point is a great album title.

16 February 2008 at 17:25 posted by Bart Van Belle 5 Comments

I've created a Google Map with all upcoming dEUS-gigs. At the moment it only contains one date, but it will expand in the future. The map is over here.

15 February 2008 at 20:21 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

A bit late due to my trip to Paris, but in case you've missed the news: dEUS will (again) headline Rock Werchter. The exact date is not known yet. Rock Werchter will take place from July 3rd to July 6th. Other bands include Radiohead, R.E.M., Chemical Brothers, Kaiser Chiefs and Lenny Kravitz. More info on www.rockwerchter.be.

11 February 2008 at 18:37 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

I will be in Paris for a couple of days. I will probably not be able to do any updates until next sunday. Stay tuned!