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Brusselnieuws.be has an item on the making of the Eternal Woman-video. Tom has been filming in the old control room of the Flemish radio in the Flagey-building in Brussel. He wants to give the video a retro-futuristic atmosphere. Italian actress Martina Stelle is the Eternal Woman. They will also be shooting in the ICP-studios in Brussel and The Netherlands at the radio telescopes of Westerbork (The Netherlands).

In the video the band will play the song. The song is transferred by morse-code to the control room and broadcasted through the telescopes later on.

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Since some of you were having troubles downloading the Paléo-video, I uploaded it to Megaupload. Click here to download.

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Dutch radio-dj Eric Corton (3FM) put dEUS in the spotlights in his weekly webcam-show for NRC.TV. It's a very nice item (in Dutch).

(thx to Paul)

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A nice set of pictures from the Paléo-gig.

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Here's an overview of all dEUS-dates in October, November and December. Some of them are not confirmed by dEUS.be (yet) but were found on the websites of the venues or the promotors. All dates have been marked on the tourmap as well. A complete overview of the Vantage Point Tour (including setlists) can be found here.

If you have knowledge of other dates, please leave a note in the comments.

02/10/2008 - Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark (tickets)
03/10/2008 - Fritzclub im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany (tickets)
04/10/2008 - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany (tickets)
06/10/2008 - Abaton, Prague, Czech Republic (tickets)
07/10/2008 - Arena, Vienna, Austria (tickets)
08/10/2008 - Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland (tickets)
10/10/2008 - Volkshaus, Basel, Switzerland (tickets)
11/10/2008 - Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany (tickets)
14/10/2008 - Tripod, Dublin, Ireland (tickets)
15/10/2008 - The Forum, London, United Kingdom (tickets)

24/11/2008 - Zénith, Paris, France (tickets)
25/11/2008 - Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France (tickets)
26/11/2008 - Bikini, Toulouse, France (tickets)
28/11/2008 - Le Summum Festival, Grenoble, France (tickets)
29/11/2008 - L'Autre Canal, Nancy, France (tickets)

01/12/2008 - Den Atelier, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (tickets)
03/12/2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (tickets)
04/12/2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
05/12/2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (tickets)
10/12/2008 - Vorst Nationaal, Vorst, Belgium (SOLD OUT)
11/12/2008 - Vorst Nationaal, Vorst, Belgium (tickets)

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dEUS will play the Tripod in Dublin on October 14th.

(Source: podcast.deus.be)

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Two new episodes of the official podcast have been published the last two weeks, including footage from Werchter, Oxygen and T in the Park. Check them out on podcast.deus.be.

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Attilio's review of the Roma-gig and the setlist below, including the return of Serpentine.

  1. Slow
  2. Instant Street
  3. Fell off the floor, man
  4. Is a robot
  5. Smokers reflect
  6. Turnpike
  7. The architect
  8. Favourite game
  9. What we talk about
  10. Nothing really ends
  11. Bad timing
  12. Serpentine
  13. Roses
  14. Oh your god
  15. Suds and soda

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Just discovered that the entire Paléo-gig is available in video-format on the festivalwebsite. A review is available here. Enjoy it!

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A nice backstage interview from the Paléo-festival.

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OHM about The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider:

Arguably this is one of the highlights of their recent album Vantage Point, and should find favour amongst those who like their rock tinged with a hint of Coldplay-esque grandeur.

Indeed Elbow's Guy Garvey adds his vocals to proceedings giving it a real sense of grandeur. One for the masses then, but also one that leaves you hankering for a little more of the eccentricity that dEUS once had.

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According to Lowlands.nl dEUS will perform on Sunday August 17th from 20h05 till 21h10.
The tourmap and tourdates-section has been updated with the latest info.

(thx to Arthur)

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The gig in Paradiso (Amsterdam) on December 4th has sold out. Another gig has been added in the same venue on December 5th. Tickets are available here.

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I will be enjoying a two week holiday in France the next two weeks. You shouldn't expect any updates in this period. Check dEUS.be and the dEUS-Myspace regularly for dEUS-news.

If you have dEUS-related news, just drop it in the comments, send me an e-mail or leave a note on the dEUS-community.

If you're going to see dEUS the next weeks, enjoy the gigs and send me the setlists. If you have pics, you can add them to the Flickr-pool.

An overview of the festivaltour is available here.

(BTW: if you're really bored, you can also browse the Pocket Revolution-Youtube-channel)

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According to Last.FM dEUS will play Den Atelier in Luxembourg on December 1st 2008. Ticketsale starts next monday (July 14th)

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I've ripped some dEUS-footage from the Studio Brussel-broadcasts of Rock Werchter. You can listen to the following songs on my podcast.

Oh Your God
The Architect
Favourite Game
Bad Timing
Suds & Soda


PS: Don't deeplink to the mp3-files, just link to this blogpost.

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There will be another dEUS-gig in Vorst on December 11th. Tickets are on sale right now.

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Some press-reviews from the Werchter-gig: De Standaard, De Morgen, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Cutting Edge, Live XS,

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  1. Slow
  2. Oh Your God
  3. Instant Street
  4. Fell Off The Floor Man
  5. Theme From Turnpike
  6. The Architect
  7. Favourite Game
  8. Is A Robot
  9. Smoker's Reflect
  10. Nothing Really Ends
  11. Bad Timing
  12. Roses
  13. Suds & Soda

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According to Last.FM dEUS will play the Abaton in Prague on October 6th 2008.

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dEUS as the closing act of the best festival in the world. I shouldn't tell you I was really looking forward to the gig. A lot has been written about the gig already, but I don't agree with the people saying dEUS played too little known songs. Just look at the setlist and you'll notice they played 9 songs that should be more or less known by regular Studio Brussel-listeners.

Ofcourse, they could have played some oldies like Little Arithmetics, Hotellounge or Via instead of Oh Your God, Is A Robot and Smokers Reflect, but they're touring with a new album. The setlist was an excellent mix of old songs and songs from Vantage Point.

In 2004 dEUS used to open their festivalgigs with Turnpike, now they seem to have picked Slow. A great version if you ask me. Oh Your God was a nice wake-up call for people who fell asleep after 4 days of music. Instant Street was the first highlight for me. Mauro's backing vocals. The brilliant outro. Goose bumps every time.

After Fell Of The Floor, Man they played three songs from Vantage Point (Is A Robot, Smokers Reflect and Maria Schneider). The intro for Is A Robot was probably a bit long, but the rest of the song rocked. After a small quiet intermezzo with Smokers Reflect and Maria Schneider dEUS played a brilliant rest of the gig. Turnpike, a messy The Architect and the new single Favourite Game were great. I wasn't impressed by the longer intro of Sun Ra because Mauro clearly had problems singing his wohoo's at the beginning a couple of times.

A lot of people didn't recognize Nothing Really Ends due to the new intro. The fade out/in to Bad Timing remains as fantastic as the first time they did the trick. The encores kicked off with Popular Culture. As announced, the kids choir joined the band on stage. It's nice to see it, but they were not singing that good this time. According to Het Nieuwsblad one of the kids is the brother of Luna, the 2-year old girl that was killed by a racist killer in Antwerp two years ago.

The apotheose was superb. Roses was followed by a long version of Suds & Soda, the kids choir was dancing on stage, and the crowd went crazy. Tom jumped on the monitors and gave the signal to start the fireworks.

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dEUS will play Paradiso in Amsterdam on December 3 and 4. Ticket sale starts next saturday (July 12th). I've updated the tourmap and the tourdates-overview with the latest info.

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Tickets for the Vorst-gig are on sale now through Sherpa.be.

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Before the gig at Werchter, dEUS received a platinum-album
for more than 30.000 sold copies of Vantage Point.

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  1. Slow
  2. Oh My God
  3. Instant Street
  4. Fell Of The Floor, Man
  5. Is A Robot
  6. Smokers Reflect
  7. Maria Schneider
  8. Turnpike
  9. The Architect
  10. Favourite Game
  11. Sun Ra
  12. Nothing Really Ends
  13. Bad Timing
  14. Popular Culture
  15. Roses
  16. Suds And Soda

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dEUS will play Vorst Nationaal on December 10th 2008. The gig will mark the end of the Vantage Point-tour. Ticketsale starts tomorrow at 9 o' clock. Check Sherpa.be to order tickets.

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Studio Brussel had a small interview with Victor-Camille en Tosca, two girls from the Popular Culture-choir.

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A small interview with Tom in The Skinny, Scotland's cutting-edge culture magazine.

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For those of you who are going to Werchter: stop reading!
For the other ones: the kids choir will join dEUS on stage next sunday during Popular Culture.