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Tom will be deejaying at Breakdown in the Fake Bar in Antwerp next saturday (September 2nd). Other deejays include Cj Bolland, Zohra, Monica Electronica, Nikolaï, Raphaël, De bende van Vijnel, Les Femmes Bioniques.

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A short non-dEUS-related item: I saw Pearl Jam live yesterday evening in Antwerp. I was totally blown away. This was probably the best gig I saw... ever (and I mean it). Be sure to catch them somewhere else in Europe if you can.

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Any Way The Wind Blows will also be shown at the Electric Picnic-festival next friday (Cinema Tent, 19.50h - 22.15h). According to the festival-website, an introduction and Q&A with Tom is to be confirmed.

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The album Tom Barman has compiled for the Blue Note Sidetracks-series will be released on September 22th by EMI. It will the be the 7th Sidetracks-compilation. Other Belgian artists that selected their favorite Blue Note-tracks include Buscemi, Alex Callier, Mo & Benoelie, Sven Van Hees and Lefto & Krewcial.

(Source: Het Laatste Nieuws)

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Time-schedules for the Electric Picnic-festival have been released: dEUS will play the Electric Arena-stage from 06.30h until 07.30h next friday.

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Two new torrents on Dimeadozen: Novarock (15/06/2006) and Ancienne Belgique (13/10/2005). The AB-show is the Studio Brussel broadcast that is still available on my podcast as well.

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People who are travelling to Dublin for the Electric Picnic-festival should consider a visit to the Irish Film Institute on August 31st. Tom will attend a screening of Any Way The Wind Blows at 22.45h. More info.

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A musical tip from Tom: Squeezable Future, a jazzrock-band around Stefan Duym and Diederik Van Remoortere (aka Dmonkeyjazz). Their story is somehow compareable with the dEUS-story. Belgian recordcompanies and promotors are hardly interested. They're now working on setting up a tour in the USA later this year. Check them out on Myspace.

Here's what Tom has to say about the band.

'Het valt met niets te vergelijken. Een heel maffe band met ontzettend goede muzikanten en een funky sound. De nonchalance en de zelfverzekerdheid waarmee ze op het podium staan, heeft me nog het meest gecharmeerd.'

(Source: Knack)

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Tom has been nominated for the Gouden Klaproos, an award from SABAM, the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Other nominees in the pop-category include LC Morais, Alex Callier (Hooverphonic), Ronny Mosuse and Miguel Wiels. The winner will be announced on October 2nd.

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Antwerp authorities have granted permission for the 0110-gig on the Gedempte Zuiderdokken. 0110 will use facilities that have been provided for the student-event Studay a couple of days before. Magnus will be doing a deejay-set on that event.

(Source: Het Laatste Nieuws)

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As I already mentioned before Tom has contributed to the new album of Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar). The album will be released in november and contains duets. Tom has written a song in Dutch for this occasion. The working title for the song is Iedereen is anders (Everyone's different).
Tom has always been a fan of Doe Maar and he didn't doubt a second when Vrienten asked him to sing a song on his new album. Tom dreams of releasing a one-off-single with Vrienten within a couple of months.

(Source: De Morgen)

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The 0110-gigs now also have a Myspace-page. Please add them as a friend and put them on top of your friends-list!

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A couple of Flemish moviemakers are joining the 0110-movement. They're planning to record a small movie about tolerance that could be used between the different concerts on October 1st. They're also planning a sort of tv-commercial for 0110. The movie will be directed by Jan Dellaert and will be recorded in Brussels on September 10th. If you want to act in the movie, send an e-mail to saskiaverboven@skynet.be.

(Source: De Morgen)

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dEUS-sound engineer Vince Philippart keeps rocking. Check out the new episode of the official podcast. It contains footage from Paris Plage (Ozark Henry, Zita Swoon and dEUS) and a Stef and Tom-interview.

Subscribe to the official podcast through iTunes.

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On September 30th there will be a sort of 0110-gig in Deinze (close to Ghent). For all info: check www.3009.be.

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Magnus (Tom Barman and CJ Bolland) will be behind the turntables on Studay in Antwerp on September 28th.

(thx to Els)

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Tom will be deejaying at the GDMW Festival in Rotterdam on September 29th. He will be there for two sets: the first one with Wilfried de Jong will be freaky-jazz stylish. The second one will be a classical dance-set. More info here.

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Stijn will be the opening act for the September 8th-gig in Tilburg.

(thx to Chieva on ISR)

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A new episode of the dEUS Tour Podcast: dEUS in Italy.

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A wet-look picture of Tom and Stephane in Budapest.

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16 octobre 2006
La Cigale, Paris
"Les Nuits Belges"
Venus, Sharko, Hollywood Porn Stars, Magnus DJ set

> Tickets

[source: Liability webzine]

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Bad Timing tops this week's De Afrekening, the singles chart on Studio Brussel radio.

And for pure trivia purposes (but I love Google), former number ones were Hotellounge (best single 1995), Little Arithmetics (best single 1996), Instant Street (best single 1999).

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Tom Engelshoven reports about the Sziget festival on the OOR website. dEUS played a "spectacularly good" concert, Tom Barman was as spastic as usual, he cracked some jokes ("Enjoy the rest of the festival, drink only water and avoid vegetarian food!"), and the band attracted a massive crowd despite the rain. There's a tiny tiny video of Stop-Start Nature, too. By contrast, the reporter found Radiohead's performance too long. [source: zjitnepoz on ISR]

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In their Sziget 2006 special, Hungarian web magazine EST has an interview with Tom Barman (Aug. 13). If we have a Hungarian reader, feel free to give us a summary ;-)

15 August 2006 at 14:03 posted by Jean-Yves 3 Comments

The dEUS try-out at Patronaat, Haarlem (NL) from last year (7 Sept. 2005) is available for download here (it's a zip file). You'll need a password (in lowercase), but you should be able to find the answer easily - or you shouldn't even be here :-)

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The Roskilde concert (29 June) will be broadcast on Irish RTE's 2FM Live this Friday from midnight to 2:00. The show is hosted by Jenny Huston and you can listen to it live on 2FM's website (you'll need RealPlayer). [source: Arthur]

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Any Way The Wind Blows will be screened at the Irish Film Institute on Thursday 31 August. Tom Barman will introduce the film, which starts at 22:45. On the day after, dEUS will be playing at the Electric Picnic Festival in Stradbally, Ireland. [source: RTE]

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dEUS announced on their official website that today, they are starting rehearsals "for the writing and recording process of the next dEUS album". They will keep fans informed throughout the recording process. They also advise to check out their MySpace page.

(I'm not holiday, but I'm not Magic Bart, so don't expect 27 updates a day ;-)

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No updates until next monday.

Send your news to bartvanbelle@gmail.com or post it on ISR.

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Studio Brussel will be touring Flanders with a sort of popquiz between Belgian bands called Best of the best. The first episode will feature dEUS vs Millionaire and Shameboy vs Stijn. The show will be recorded in Tielt on August 23rd. You can get tickets here.

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Tom was on Dutch MTV yesterday. He told he was currently in the studio with Henny Vrienten (ex-Doe Maar) recording a track for his new album. It's probably for the Nacht-project I blogged about earlier.

(thx to Tjeerd)

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A new episode of the dEUS Tourpodcast: live in Montreux et Cluses.

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Two new videos of dEUS live at Les Vieilles Charrues a couple of weeks ago: Stop Start Nature & The Real Sugar.

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The aftershow of the gig in Tilburg (September 8th) will feature DJ St. Paul and special guest Jan van Eerd (Spinvis). More on the 013-website.

(thx to Dakjuh on ISR)

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A new episode of the dEUS Tourpodcast

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There's an interview with Alan in Humo this week. Here are the highlights.

  • As most of you already know Alan played in a band called A Noh Rodeo in the eighties with his sister Hélène and Chris Whitley.
  • He moved to the States and toured with Chris Whitley and did some session-work.
  • Alan started as a drummer, moved to guitar and fell in love with the bass when he noticed he was always showing the bassplayer how to play.
  • He developed his own style, but had to discover it all over after he studied bass at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston.
  • His mother liked to sing and his father played the contrabass in a jazzcombo.
  • His grandfather (a painter) brought macrobiotics to Belgium. The family founded a company called Lima in Sint-Martens-Latem.
  • He had a disturbing relationship with Chris Whitley. They were very close, but Whitley hurt him deep several times.
  • He moved to Denmark after he fell in love with a Danish woman. He worked mostly in Belgium (for Arno). When his wife gave birth to their son his wife more or less forced him to make a choice: stay in Denmark with her or work in Belgium
  • He didn't know dEUS very good at the time of the audition: Alan played like an old Belgian and made a lot of errors, but his attitude made up a lot
  • He now feels completely at ease within the band
  • He thinks dEUS will be a fantastic band when they start working on the next album
  • He's happy artists as Clouseau, Will Tura and Laura Lynn support 0110
  • He likes to do something with Trixie Whitley and is planning to do some impro-stuff with Mauro
  • His son has recovered from lymfekliercancer a couole of months ago. He was again confronted with the dilemma music or family. He choose for dEUS because it's his only mean of earning money.
  • Klaas and Alan are the only fathers in dEUS. It will affect the next tours: they will only play the bigger cities and the tours will be shorter

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Studio Brussel had a phonecall with Tom about 25 years MTV last tuesday.

(thx to Anthony)

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Cristiana mailed me some pics from the gig at the Neapolis-festival. Check them out in the dEUS Flickr Group.