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I will be offline until January 1st. I'm travelling to Barcelona. Jyves will probably keep you posted in case there's exciting dEUS-related news. Otherwise, I'll see you back somewhere at the beginning of next year. Enjoy the holidays!


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Tom has given a name to a cocktail in Bar Lux in Antwerp. It's called Lazy Red Cheeks and it contains raspberries, sugar, ciroc vodka, creme de violette and limejuice. If you want to try to make it yourself, here's an howto.

btw: this article about the cocktails mentions a certain Sura as Tom's muse. Does anyone know more about Sura?

(source: Het Volk)

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Magnus will be performing at Nijdrop (Opwijk) on February 9th together with Coca-Cola met God (Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire) and Eric Thielemans) and

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dEUS had 5 tracks in the yearly 100 op 1-chart of Radio 1. It's a listener-chart about the best Belgian song. Here's the complete list.

5. Nothing Really Ends
10. Suds & Soda
28. Hotellounge
40. Little Arithmetics
42. Instant Street

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Online magazine Cutting Edge has a special feature about Tom Barman's "That's Blue", including an audio interview, a review, and erh, they had a contest but that's over already.

The online version of free newspaper Metro also has items about the compilation, a small one in Dutch, and an interview in French.

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La Libre Belgique interviews Tom Barman about "That's Blue", his new compilation for jazz label Blue Note.

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Stubru's Music For Life is selling a platinum album of Pocket Revolution on eBay. It's for the good cause (against landmines)

(thx to Brecht)

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Focus Knack also has an item about Klaas and his sister. Klaas renamed himself at school because there were 5 guys called Janssens in his class. He was planning to produce his sister's album, but he didn't had the time. Klaas took a one month break after the tour (he became father again), but in the meantime dEUS is rehearsing again. Mauro is also writing songs, but he has no clue where it will end. He expects the new album to hit the stores at the beginning of 2008.

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Tom is Man of the year for Focus Knack. This week's issue has a 10-page interview with Tom. You can read it here. If anyone finds time to translate the complete thing, just let me now and I will post it on the blog. Since I don't have the time do translate it, I will only you give you some highlites.

  • As a musician he regrets music has become a song-only thing due to downloading.
  • They were namedropped a lot this year: Richard Ashcroft (Fucking ace), Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Maynard (Tool).
  • They bumped into Neneh Cherry backstage at ArtRock and Cherry outed herself as a dEUS-fan too.
  • At the same festival Tom danced on stage with the Happy Monday. The rest of the band who were in the audience were thinking they saw a Barman-lookalike.
  • His personal highlight was the gig at Sziget.
  • Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman about dEUS: If their hometown was New York or Manchester they would have been a world-act (Tom's answer: we ARE a world-act)
  • They asked Nicolas Roeg for the video of Bad Timing, but he was too busy.
  • Tom says the Werchter-gig was their best one in Belgium ever
  • Brian Molko was a bit jealous because dEUS was on a higher spot on the bill. He constantly called dEUS the co-headliner
  • They almost had troubles backstage at Werchter. Ton, the tourmanager, hung up a Portuguese flag outside the dEUS-dressing room after England was eliminated by Portugal at the World Cup Soccer. Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys were really pissed off.
  • dEUS has reached the magic barrier of 1.000.000 records sold
  • He has only seen 30 seconds from their gig at 0110
  • There will not be a dvd from the 0110-gig because a lot of artists are too uncertain about their performance
  • He has no concrete movieplans

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De Standaard had an interview with Tom about the Blue Note Compilation.

Update: another one from Humo. (thx to Frederiek)

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The Blue Note Sidetracks-compilation is available on Proxis.be too.

It looks like there was a change on the tracklist too:

1. Fleurette Africaine - Duke Ellington with Max Roach & Charles Mingus
2. Backstage Sally - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
3. The Rain - Eddie Gale
4. Maiden Voyage - Herbie Hancock
5. Home Is Africa - Horace Parlan
6. Hey Hey - Andrew Hill
7. One Cylinder - Lou Donaldson
8. Montezuma - Wayne Shorter
9. Artists ought to be writing - Jason Moran
10. Catta - Bobby Hutcherson
11. Soul - Jackie McLean

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There will be a releaseparty for That's Blue, the Blue Note Sidetracks compilation by Tom next wednesday. Tom and Mauro will be behind the decks. If you want to get in, you better enter the contest on standaard.be.

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Tom will be deejaying in the Muziekodroom in Hasselt on January 20th.

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Here's an interview with Tom (winter 2005).

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A newsupdate on dEUS.be announces that the 'Pocket Revolution Burnt - The Jagz Kooner Excursions will also be available as a separate release on iTunes somewhere next week. The hardcopy thing (Pocket Revolution + the bonus-cd) should be in the stores by now.

It's already available at Proxis.be

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Some backstage pics from the gig in Ferrara.