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Besides his dj-set at Art Makes You Happy, Mauro will also perform in De Droge Coo in Oostende next saturday. Other acts on stage include Annelies Monseré and Kumisolo. And Othin Spake will perform at KC Netwerk in Aalst on September 28th with Jessica Bailiff. For more Mauro-dates check the new version of Mauroworld.

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We don't know a lot about Tom's relationships. Today I heard about two affairs he had in the past. The first one was with politician Freya Van den Bossche and the second one with Moloko-singer Roisin Murphy.

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Tom and Mauro will be deejaying at the All True Artists-event in Antwerp this summer. Mauro will be behind the decks next saturday (June 30th) and Tom will be there at the end of July (the 28th to be exact)

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Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) is saying something about dEUS in Het Belang van Limburg. He's following them from the beginning, says they're making music from a different planet. The Ideal Crash is one of his alltime favourites. dEUS had a party at his place when they were playing in Glasgow.

“Ik ken dEUS van toen hun eerste plaat uitkwam, in 1994 of zo. Ik had ‘Suds & Soda’ in Engeland op de radio gehoord, en ik was er kapot van: die waanzinnige violen, verpletterende gitaren, en daarboven die fantastische bariton van Tom Barman. Muziek van een andere planeet. Ik ben de groep blijven volgen, en ze maken nog altijd fantastische platen. ‘The Ideal Crash’ is een van mijn favoriete albums aller tijden. Ik heb ze, toen ik ze al een tijdje volgde, in Glasgow ontmoet, toen ze bij mij in de straat speelden. Achteraf zijn ze bij mij wat komen drinken. Op het einde van de avond was er geen druppel meer in huis. De beste manier om vrienden te worden.”

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One of my harddisks crashed this week and I've lost a couple of dEUS-recordings. I've managed to recover a couple of them in the meantime, but two gigs are still missing. Does anyone have Middelburg 2006 and Pinkpop 2006 somewhere available? Thanx for letting me know.

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A short review of yesterdays dj-set by Gilles Simonet:

Tom was unbelievable again as a DJ in the Theatre de Vaudeville in Brussels last night. He played from 1 tot 3 in the morning. A terrific elektro-set. Everbody loved it, also the first DJ of the night Cozy Mossy. I talked to Tom very briefly. The new dEUS-album is coming on great. They're gonna start recording next week. The rehursals are over. He's also looking forward to the summer festivals with Magnus, especially Dour-festival, one of his favorite festivals.

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Apparently Stéphane is also drumming in a band called Soapstarter. You can catch them at Pukkelpop and Feest in het Park. Their debut-album Naked Wheelz will be released tomorrow. Give them a listen on Myspace.

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Tom will deejay at Anarchic in Theatre du Vaudeville, Brussels next friday (June 22nd).

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According to The Scene-singer Thé Lau Tom will not join them on stage next friday during the The Scene-gig in the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels). He might do it somewhere during the summer on one of the festivalgigs.

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Tom will be deejaying at Vertpop next friday (tomorrow). Vertpop is an event organized by Ecolo, the green party of the French speaking part of Belgium.

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The Ancienne Belgique launches Rewind, a series of concert where Belgian artists play a key-album from their backcatalogue. Gorki and The Scabs have already been scheduled. Worst Case Scenario is also on the wishlist of the organizer.

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'Het is nu niet nodig. Er is ruzie binnen het Vlaams Belang, het schip is al aan het zinken. Er is een klein lekje, maar lek is lek.'

Tom Barman explains why he remains quiet about the upcoming elections in Belgium

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Actress Chloë Sevigny (Zodiac) says she likes Antwerp. She has been there a couple of times and spent her time shopping and partying with the guys from dEUS...

(Source: Gazet Van Antwerpen)

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An article in De Morgen pointed me to www.keukengeheim.com. Tom is talking about his experiences in the kitchen. He says he's famous in his neighbourhood for his croque monsieurs. He's also talking about his mother. And he gives a recipe for one of his mother's specialties.