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You can download Tom's contribution to the new The Scene album on iTunes. The Scene featuring Tom Barman - 2007 - Rigoreus

(thx to Frederiek)

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I'm having some troubles with my layout in Firefox. Strange thing because I haven't changed a thing for months. Since a lot of people complained about it, I decided to pick a default Blogger-template as a quick-and-dirty solution. I hope to find some time to work on a new layout in the near future.

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Gilles wrote a review of the Magnus-dj-set at Randomania. He also had an interview with Tom (mp3)

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dEUS in Studio Brussels Album 100:

7. Worst Case Scenario
16. In A Bar, Under The Sea
21. The Ideal Crash
28. Pocket Revolution

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A review of Pocket Revolution Burnt

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The last episode from Escape TV contains a small interview with Tom.

(thx to Tijs)

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Tom will be deejaying at the 2nd Geen Daden Maar Woorden-festival in 's-Hertogenbosch on May 19th. Tom and Wilfried De Jong will be playing freaky jazz. He already shared the decks with De Jong at the first edition of GDMW last year.

(thx to Tabitha Vogels)

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Renaat Lambeets has done the camerawork for the new company film of Corelio (the company I work for). Lambeets has been working with dEUS a lot and also did the camerawork for Any Way The Wind Blows. The movie contains a new song by Guy Van Nueten played by Tim Vanhamel (vocals and guitar) and Alan Gevaert (bass). As soon as I get a copy of the movie, I will post it here

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I talked to Christian Pierre yesterday evening and I have some news for you.

  • dEUS is building a studio at Plaza Real (the bar of Klaas). They have been rehearsing for the new album over there and currently the studio is being build there. After that they have to install the technical stuff and it should be more or less finished somewhere at the end of June. The band is currently rehearsing in their old place.
  • They are still looking for a producer for the upcoming album. They will probably pick somebody that is willing to work in the dEUS-studio.
  • The album will be released somewhere before the summer of 2008
  • Magnus will probably release a new single in the near future although it's not 100% sure yet and the song isn't finished either.

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Tom and Mauro will be deejaying before, between and after the concerts at the Blue Note Records Festival in Ghent on July 13th.

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A small review of Tom's dj-set at Novarock by Gilles Simonet. Tom joined the Ex-drummer-band on stage to sing along with Champagne (Millionaire). I upload two pics to the dEUS Flickr Group.

Gisteren naar Novarock geweest. Leuk, maar met alle respect: West-Vlamingen
zijn saaie mensen. Enkel voor hun Flip Kowlier komen ze los. Anyway, Tom is even
komen meezingen met Ex-Drummer Live, namelijk Champagne van Millionaire.

Voor zijn dj set was de zaal al grotendeels leeggelopen. Hij nodigde daarom iedereen uit om rond hem te komen dansen op het podium. Van die gelegenheid maakte iedereen gebruik. Tom was in vorm en heeft twee uur gedraaid. Hij heeft wel een kaart voor RandOMania van me gepikt :-)

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Razzi mailed me a pics he took from Mauro. He's doubting which pics to put on his photoblog: the color version or the black and white version. What would you choose?

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Tom will deejay at the first Nacht van Europa (Night of Europe) in Amsterdam on May 9th.