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The dEUS-gig at Pukkelpop as broadcasted by Acht.

dEUS - Live Pukkelpop 2009 from LeRenard on Vimeo.

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An official tweet by Zita Swoon about tonight's gig in Amsterdam

Tomorrow's Zita Swoon's last 'song' show for a while in Paradiso A'dam with guests Tom Barman & Klaas Janzoons of dEUS and Spinvis!

Are they gonna play Suds and Soda?

(thx to The Rabbitfield)

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An anthology compilation of Island Records artists was recently released, where Little Arithmetics (from In A Bar Under The Sea) shares CD space with the likes of Roxy Music, The B-52's, Pulp, John Cale or Portishead. Island Records, now part of Universal Music, had signed dEUS back in 1994.

10 December 2009 at 21:55 posted by Jean-Yves 1 Comment

Tom Barman joined Stef Kamil Carlens with Zita Swoon on stage again tonight. With John Parish on guitar, they first played Great American Nude (again) in front of a packed Ancienne Belgique, followed by a cover of the Velvet Underground's "Temptation Inside Your Heart" (again).

Tickets are still available for the third Zita Swoon gig, this coming Saturday.

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Yesterday evening Tom joined Zita Swoon on stage during the first of three gigs in the Ancienne Belgique. And yes, they played a dEUS-song. If you want to see it yourself, tune it at www.standaard.be/zita tonight to catch a livestream of the 2nd gig.

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Next thursday you can watch the 2nd Zita Swoon gig at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels LIVE on De Standaard Online. Tune in at www.standaard.be/zita.

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Lifted straight from Arthur's post on the dEUS forum: "Belgian TV station CANVAS will be airing the Manu Riche/Renaat Lambeets documentary 'Tempo of a Restless Soul' about dEUS frontman Tom Barman on Wednesday December 16th at 22h50."

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Time is the state of my jeans reviewed by Cutting Edge.

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4 songs from Pinkpop 1995 -- W.C.S., I Suffer Rock (introduced as "20 Something"), Let's Get Lost & Hotellounge.

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Michael had the chance to see the Time is the state of my jeans-documentary. His review (in dutch) is available here.

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Next saturday Acht will broadcast the dEUS-gig from Pukkelpop 2009. Here's the trailer (thx to Michael). The full schedule of the dEUS-week is available here.

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The 5th and final promo clip for Time Is The State Of My Jeans - The making of Worst Case Scenario. Brian Molko (Placebo) talks about Worst Case Scenario and how he hopes the re-release will find a whole new audience. Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) makes a guest appearance.

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Here's the detailed schedule of the "dEUS Week" on Acht TV:

Time is the State of My Jeans - The Making of Worst Case Scenario
Vrijdag 4 december - 21u30, herhaald op zondag om 14u30

dEUS: Live op Pukkelpop 2009
Exclusieve live-registratie van dEUS op Pukkelpop 2009
Zaterdag 5 december - 23u05, herhaald op zondag om 10u40 en 19u30, woensdag
9/12 om 13u15 en zaterdag 12/12 om 13u45

Early dEUS: MTV Live 1994-'95
Live-optredens van dEUS op MTV uit de periode 1994-'95
Dinsdag 8 december om 20u40, herhaald op woensdag 9/12 om 22u25 en zondag
13/12 om 15u00

Citate de dEUS
Reeks interviews met de bandleden van dEUS n.a.v. de heruitgave van hun 15
jaar oude doorbraakalbum Worst Case Scenario
Vanaf vrijdag 4 december iedere weekdag om 20u35 en de compilatie op zondag
13/12 om 10u50

Keep on Running - 50 Years Island Records
Documentaire die de geschiedenis vertelt van het prestigieuze label Island
Zaterdag 12 december om 23u05, herhaald op zondag 13/12 om 13u30 en

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In a lengthy, 5-page interview with Tom Barman and Stef Kamil Carlens, this week's paper issue of HUMO goes back to the early days of dEUS. Why now? Because this Friday, Worst Case Scenario, from the Tom/Stef/Rudy period, gets the deluxe treatment; because Zita Swoon are releasing a best-of album (To Play, To Dream, To Drift, An Anthology); because next week, Tom will be Stef's guest during several special Zita Swoon concerts (tickets still available for the AB one).

You can read excerpts from the interview on the HUMO website. It's all in Dutch, mind you.

Someone should translate it into English, cause it's frankly amazing to read all those stories about early-90's dEUS, 13 years after Stef left the band. There's stuff about why Stef (and Rudy, and Craig) left dEUS, how the band at first all lived together in Antwerp, how they coped with early success (and how very differently), ...

A must-read.