11 December 2008 at 14:00 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

A quick review of the first Vorst-night. Although it was my nineth dEUS-gig this year, I was really looking forward to the first night in Vorst. I have great memories of the previous dEUS-gigs in Vorst (March 2006) and I was hoping it would even be better this time.

Compared to other gigs I saw in Vorst, the sound was ok during most of the songs. And they more or less played the same set as in Tilburg (they only added Serpentine). No suprises, no special guests, just a super sharp gig with brilliant versions of Instant Street, Bad Timing and Roses as my personal highlights.

There was also a small lightshow, really sober, but very nice. The only thing I was missing were big screens. We were sitting in the back and it's a shame most of the people were missing close ups of the band and Mauro's coolness.

It's also strange to see that the audience will only go crazy on the oldies. Ok, it wasn't a very young audience, but reaction on The Architect was very lame. Still this gig was one of the best I saw this year. And there's even more tonight....

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