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  1. The Architect Play
  2. Bad Timing
  3. Fell Off The Floor, Man
  4. Slow
  5. Instant Street
  6. Suds & Soda

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dEUS will play a gig at the Groenplaats in Antwerp next friday at 17.00 hour. The gig is part of the ending show of Music for Life, a major radio-event in Belgium. Three dj's from Studio Brussel have been locked in a house of glass for a week.

Meanwhile they play songs requested by listeners and those who take time to visit the house. With the requests the listeners donate a certain amount of money  to charity. The Belgian music-scene is also supporting the project with surprise-gigs, acoustic sessions and busking trips.

This year a stage was built on the house of glass. Every night at 21.00 there was a surprise gig. The first evening they had Editors on stage. Click here to watch footage of that gig.
If you can't make it to Antwerp, you can follow the gig live here (audio) and here (video)

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Cool. The entire Tempo of a restless soul-documentary about Tom Barman can be watched online at the Canvas-website. Too bad, it doesn't contain any English subtitles for the non-Flemish speaking people.


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The next dEUS-album will be released on PIAS Records (Play It Again Sam) outside Belgium. The band has signed a deal for multiple albums at PIAS. The next album will be released at the end of March / at the beginning of April. According to a PIAS-spokesman it will be 'fantastic'. Universal will continue releasing the dEUS-albums in Belgium.

(Source: 3voor12)