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Christian mailed me a list of upcoming Magnus / Tom dj-sets. Here we go

25/08 - Mechelen - Maanrock (Magnus)
30/08 - Heerlen (NL) - De Nieuwe Nor (Tom)
31/08 - Namen - Working Class Club Nights (Tom)
08/09 - Bergen - City Parade (Magnus)
08/09 - Haarlem - Patronaat (Tom)
09/09 - Tilburg - O13 (Tom)
14/09 - Frasnes - Sugarock (Magnus)
15/09 - Brussel- Botanique - B-live (Magnus)
15/09 - Roeselare - 5 Senses (Tom)
21/09 - Brussel- Anarchic (Tom)
22/09 - Mechelen - Cultureel centrum (Tom)
22/09 - Luik - Soundstation - B-live(Magnus)
27/09 - Leuven - Silo - B-live(Magnus)
02/10 - Brugge - Maz (Magnus)
06/10 - Geraardsbergen - Jeugdhuis Spiraal (Magnus)
12/10 - Brussel- Sound & Music Festival (Tom)

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A bit dEUS-related: Universal Music is planning to acquire V2 Records. Which means that dEUS will no longer be part of two different record companies. At this moment dEUS-albums are released by Universal in Belgium and by V2 worldwide. Universal Music Group is the world’s leading music company with wholly owned record operations or licensees in 77 countries.

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Tom will deejay at De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen (The Nederlands) on August 30th. On August 31 he will be at La Ferme Blanche (Namur) for Working Class Night.
If you live in Haarlem you can catch him behind the decks on September 8th at Patronaat.

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Tom talks about his memories of the Lowlands-festival on the 3voor12-website. Apparently they have carjacked a golfcaddy in the backstage once.

(thx to Paul)

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Pukkelpop-organizer Chokri Mahassine talks about his record collection in De Morgen today. One of his favorite albums is Worst Case Scenario.

"In 1992 ging ik naar de groep kijken in Leuven en een dag later sprak heel Vlaanderen erover: kippenvel. dEUS heeft de Belgische scene ontvoogd, ons zelfvertrouwen opgekrikt. Sindsdien zijn onze ogen en oren niet langer uitsluitend op het buitenland gericht."

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Two dEUS-albums have made the album top 100 selected by readers of Dutch popmagazine Oor. The Ideal Crash is on 19 and Worst Case Scenario on 31. Worst Case Scenario was the only dEUS-album in the same list selected by music-professionals.

(thx to Paul)

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There are rumours that Tom will perform at MusikoMetro 'Busking Brussels', a small festival in Brussels on September 15th. Belgian top-artists will play three sets at three different metro-stations in Brussels. As far as I heard Tom will do something together with Stef. I'll keep you posted as soon as I get more info.

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The soundtrack for the Belgian movie Ben X will also feature a song (or more) by dEUS. I'll try to get more information on which song exactly.

(Source: De Morgen)

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Studio Brussel aired a small interview with Magnus at the Lokerse Feesten. It contains some dEUS-news too. They will start recording soon. They've finished 15 songs. According to Tom it will sound completely different from Pocket Revolution.

He also talks about the dEUS-studio in Borgerhout. It contains a big recording room, a kitchen, a terrace, a living room,.... CJ Bolland is also using the same studio. They will also record a new Magnus-album. But there's no deadline for that, since dEUS will hit the road next february...

(thx to Wouter)

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There was a small interview with Tom about his dj-adventures in De Standaard this weekend. He tells about the start of his dj-career at the time when we was organising gigs in Cartoons. Later he became a resident in Cinema and after that came Magnus.

He says he has never had a hobby before and he thinks deejaying is a great one. He likes to play Mr. Oizo and the classic anthems Higher state of consciousness (Josh Wink) and Freak (LFO)

(thx to Gilles)