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A couple of days ago the official I Suffer Rock forum was taken down because the band decided to focus on a select number of (social and music oriented) sites. Arthur did a great job running The ISufferRock Community for more than 10 years and he deserves our eternal respect for connecting dEUS-fans all over the world.

Since some people were asking for a new forum, I've dediced to setup a new one. It's called Nothing Really Ends and you can find it at www.hotellounge.be/forum.

Since some of you will probably go sniffing on Hotellounge.be as well: that's a new site I'm building. I'm planning to release it somewhere around the release of Keep You Close. The site is still work in progress, but if you notice any errors, be sure to drop me a line.

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dEUS will play at Case-à-Choc in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) on December 6th. Tickets are available here. And on December 3rd, the band will be in Zürich to play the Rote Fabrik.

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Flemish digital tv-station will broadcast a track by track-special about Keep You Close on Thursday September 15th. Tom and co will talk about each song on the album. The broadcast starts at 22.40 hour.

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  1. Slow
  2. Sun Ra
  3. Fell Off the Floor, Man
  4. The Architect
  5. Constant Now
  6. Instant Street
  7. If You Don't Get What You Want
  8. Favourite Game
  9. Nothing Really Ends
  10. Bad Timing
  11. Dark Sets In
  12. Suds & Soda

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dEUS will perform in Villa Vanthilt, a Belgian tv-show, at the Grote Markt in Roeselare (Belgium) next thursday, September 1st. Most of the bands that perform there, also play a couple of songs after the regular broadcast.

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dEUS will do a live-session for One Shot Not (Arte) tomorrow evening. You can follow it live here at 20.30 hour.

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In an interview with Dutch website Fok.nl Mauro tells a bit more about the ep's with songs that didn't made it to Keep You Close. Two ep's will be released at the beginning of 2012. They will contain a couple of popsongs, but also some ritmic tracks.

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dEUS will play the Into The Great Wide Open-festival in Vlieland (The Netherlands) on Saturday September 3rd. The festival was already sold out before dEUS was added to the line-up.

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Flemish digital tv Acht TV will broadcast the gig dEUS played at Lowlands next thursday at 22.00 hour.

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  1. Suds & Soda 
  2. Fell Off the Floor, Man 
  3. The Architect 
  4. Constant Now 
  5. Sister Dew 
  6. Nothing Really Ends
  7. Bad Timing 
  8. Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me) 
  9. The Ideal Crash 
  10. Roses Play
  11. Instant Street

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dEUS has recorded a message in which they dedicate their Lowlands 2011 concert of August 19th to everyone affected by the Pukkelpop tragedy.

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dEUS dedicated the gig at Lowlands yesterday evening to the victims of the Pukkelpop-disaster and their families. You can watch the gig online here.

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Constant Now will be released as the first single in the UK on September 26th.


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dEUS.be announced a bunch of new tourdates this weeks for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.

18 nov - Den Haag - Crossing Border festival
19 nov - Nijmegen - De Vereeniging
20 nov - Groningen - De Oosterpoort
21 nov - Amsterdam - Paradiso
23 nov - Utrecht - Vredenburg
24 nov - Rotterdam - Off Corso
25 nov - Luxemburg - Den Atelier
26 nov - Heerlen - Parkstad Limburg 
09 dec - Eindhoven - [PIAS] Nite – Klokgebouw
16 dec - Antwerp - Lotto Arena
17 dec - Brussels - Vorst Nationaal

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As most of you probably know the Pukkelpop-festival has been cancelled after a heavy storm struck the festivalarea yesterday evening, leaving 5 people death and many more wounded.  dEUS left a couple of words of Twitter: Our thoughts are with everyone at Pukkelpop right now

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Acht TV will broadcast the dEUS-gig from Pukkelpop 2009 tomorrow evening at 22.55 hour.

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The result of Studio Brussel's Pukkelpop-setlist voting:

  1. Suds & Soda (Worst Case Scenario)
  2. Instant Street (The Ideal Crash)
  3. Roses (In A Bar, Under The Sea)
  4. Hotellounge (Be the death of me) (Worst Case Scenario)
  5. The Architect (Vantage Point)
  6. Nothing Really Ends (Pocket Revolution)
  7. Little Arithmetics (In A Bar, Under The Sea)
  8. Via (Worst Case Scenario)
  9. Disappointed In The Sun (In A Bar, Under The Sea)
  10. Bad Timing (Pocket Revolution)
They called Klaas to talk about it. He hoped that Zea would be in the list and is also a bit disappointed that the listeners did not pick more less known songs.

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On the 3voor12-website you can now also vote to get your favorite dEUS-songs on the setlist for Lowlands.  You can pick three songs here.

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Humo has a nice series about the girls behind rocksongs. One of the first songs they talked about was Magdalena, one of my personal dEUS-favorites.

Magdalena Przybylek had a relation with Tom at the end of 1998, during the recording sessions of The Ideal Crash. She met Tom on a party at Danny Mommens' place and they exchanged numbers. The song does perfectly describe their relationship. 'Now you're holding back, and I'm holding on'.

They had a relationship for about a year, but since Tom was touring that period, Magdalena says two months would be more correct. She even joined the band on tour and was 'impressed' by the dirty state of the tourbus.

She's not following dEUS anymore these days. Her son is called Deuce, but that's after Deuce Bigalow, one of her favorite movies.

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As announced a couple of weeks ago, the gig at Pukkelpop will mark the end of a dEUS live-era. The Keep You Close-tour will have completely different setlists than the gigs the last couple of years.

For the gig at Pukkelpop, dEUS gives the fans the possibility to choose their favorite songs and perhaps these oldies will be played live at  the festival.

You can post your top-3 dEUS-songs on the Studio Brussel-website. There's also a small competition. The winners get a duo-tickets for Pukkelpop. (The answer is somewhere on this blog ;-))

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A small album description on Amazon.fr reveals the other track of Keep You Close featuring Greg Dulli. Dulli sings also on Twice.

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dEUS will perform at the Estragon in Bologna on December 7th and at Magazzini Generali in Milan on December 8th. Ticket sale will start tomorrow on www.ticketone.it