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The Antwerp Rotary Club is planning to send material to make a painting to some famous people in Antwerp: Tom Barman, Gaston Berghmans, Stany Crets, Jan Decleir, Tia Hellebaut, Walter Van Beirendonck, Erik Van Looy and Patrick Janssens. The paintings will be sold for the good cause during an auction on June 1st. There will also be an expo from May 10th to May 13th at Mon Bernaerts' place.

(Source: Gazet van Antwerpen)

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Tom will be deejaying at the Novarock-festival in Kortrijk (Belgium) on Saturday May 5th.

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A songbook with all lyrics and chords for the songs on Pocket Revolution has been released. You can order it here.

15 February 2007 at 10:51 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

A small interview (in Dutch) with Tom and Mauro at the Zamu-awards can be found here. They both look pretty happy (and drunk too)

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Tom will deejaying at Motel Mozaïque 2007 on Saturday April 14th.

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dEUS has won the Zamu-award for best (Belgian) live act of 2006. What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) was competing in the Best Song-category. That category was won by The Player (Daan)

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This weekend the Flemish liberal party VLD presented the name they will be using for the next elections in Belgium. The name (Open VLD) and the logo were revealed with Suds & Soda as the soundtrack.

dEUS-manager Christian Pierre says it was a complete surprise for him too. He thinks nobody within the band will have a problem with it. In the past Little Arithmetics was used by the socialist party SP-A.
They did react when Vlaams Belang used What We Talk About because it was in a promo-movie.

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Well, it's not really breaking news, but Glen Hansard of The Frames has apparently been talking to Tom about doing something together.

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Tom mailed me an article from De Zondag about the funeral of Marc Meulemans. It contained a picture of Tom holding a speech.

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There's an interview with CJ Bolland in Metro (Belgian free daily) today. He talks about a new Magnus album coming up somewhere around August 2008. He says dEUS will finish the new album and the forthcoming tour first. Magnus will be releasing a couple of singles in the meantime.

This could be an indication that the next tour will be indeed shorter than the Pocket Revolution-tour. Alan already mentioned this in an interview back in August.
The new dEUS album is scheduled for the end of 2007 / the beginning of 2008. If the new Magnus album will be released in August, that leaves about 8 months of touring (including the summer festivals)

5 February 2007 at 14:19 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

Check your snail-mail, Ingrid Bries. Two tickets for the Magnus-gig in Opwijk are coming your way. I hope you don't mind I share your story with the other visitors.

I met Tom on one of my flights last november. I always have liked the music of dEUS, but honestly Tom Barman... I thought he was an arrogant, big Egokind of guy... until that night!!! What a nice and friendly man!!! If only all our passengers were like him, my job would be a lot easier! I got intrigued and since that day I have been reading everything I could findabout him on the internet. I bought the CD's, DVD's... I must say I amreally impressed!

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Someone pointed me to this video. The song used in the video is called There's nothing impossible and it's performed by a band / guy called Deus. The full-album is available for download here.

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I have two tickets for the Magnus-gig in Nijdrop, Opwijk next friday (February 9th). They could be yours too. Just drop me an e-mail explaining me why you should get the tickets. Because I will send the tickets by mail, contest closes monday noon. And please, don't enter the contest if you can't make it...

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There will be a ceremony for Marc Meulemans in the crematorium of Wilrijk next saturday. Tom is said to be doing something there.