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I will be completely offline until next weekend. I'll update you about dEUS when I'm back. In the meantime, don't forget to check the new community and register to all dEUS-pages on social networks.

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A couple of Belgian music-photographers are exposing in Ghent. The expo Shooting Stars contains also a couple of dEUS-pics. Thomas Dhanens is talking about one of his pics in Het Nieuwsblad today.

'Ik vind in de eerste plaats dEUS een fantastische band, maar dit beeld spreekt ook. Er straalt enorm veel energie van uit. Het mag misschien niet meteen de perfect belichte foto zijn, maar voor mij hoeft een concertfoto technisch niet perfect te zijn. Er moet vooral heel veel sfeer en energie in te vinden zijn. Hier zie je Tom Barman roepen naar Mauro Pawlowski en dat komt heel krachtig en energetisch over. Muziekgroepen die live een échte performance geven, zijn de interessantste om te fotograferen. In tegenstelling tot artiesten die zonder te bewegen en met de ogen gesloten achter hun micro staan.'

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Great news! The official forum will be back online later today. Be sure to check out www.deus.be/community and discuss all dEUS-related items.

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If you're on Facebook and/or Youtube, be sure to check the dEUS-profile on Facebook and the dEUS-Youtube-channel.

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dEUS now also has a profile-page on Bebo.

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In case you didn't hear it: I was on Studio Brussel yesterday talking about Vantage Point. They are looking forward to 2008 and bumped into my first impression of the album. Check it out here.

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There's a brand new theatershow touring around Belgium these days called Het zijn Belgen. It's a trip through Belgian popmusic including songs byNacht und Nebel, Schmutz, Vaya Con Dios, Brel, the Kids, Tom Helsen, Sioen, Arno and of course dEUS.

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Found a small article about Ton Maessen, the tourmanager of dEUS, on Jobat.be, a Belgian jobsite. Not much about dEUS though.

Talking about Ton Maessen: I received a mail from Hilde Weygaerts today saying Ton is no longer the tourmanager. According to Hilde, dEUS and Nick Cave will be touring at the same period this year and Ton prefered to go with Nick Cave.

The new tourmanager will be Tim Collins, who has been working with Muse in the past.

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This Dutch blogger bought Pocket Revolution for only 3 euros today.

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I had a meeting with Christian Pierre tuesday and I had the privilege to listen to an unfinished and unmastered version of Vantage Point. Although they're still discussing the order of the songs and a couple of songs are still waiting for their final mix, I was really impressed.
The album continues on the path of Pocket Revolution and contains a mix of rockers, typical dEUS-ballads and more groovy songs. Trust me, it's gonna be worth the wait!

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Nice. I just found an interview with Tom from 1999 (in Dutch). It's from the VPRO-series Naar eer en geweten by Leonieke Daalder. She still remembers the interview. Apparently Tom was in a bad mood and it only got worse when he got questions about his looks.

Het gesprek vond pas laat plaats. Barman leek ook niet echt zin te hebben. Toen er ook nog vragen over zijn uiterlijk langskwamen, ging het bijna mis. Dat moet je goed aanvoelen en iemand dan ook de ruimte gunnen om niks te zeggen. Een afweging die je keer op keer maakt: dram ik door en verpest ik daarmee mogelijk het hele gesprek of laat ik het lopen? In dit geval koos ik het laatste.

You can listen to the interview here.

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Vantage Point is voted the most anticipated album of 2008 by the readers of Dutch weblog Alternative.blog.nl.

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There's a two page interview with Rudy Trouvé in Humo today. He talks about the link with dEUS being mentioned in every single interview with him. He says he had some problems with that the first years after he left the band. And he also thinks the link with dEUS isn't that big either. Steve Albini once asked him if there was any guitarplayer in Belgium that hadn't played with dEUS...

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Look, there's even a new message on the dEUS-Myspace.

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According to Christian Pierre it's pure coincidence that the movie Vantage Point will be released in the same period as the new dEUS-album. He also says there could be a new album in 2009, but it will depend on the length of the Vantage Point-tour.

(Source: Gazet Van Antwerpen)

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Someone in the comments pointed me to www.deus.be/community. A message over there says the following:

New dEUS forum fully online soon...

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Looks like there's a blog in French about dEUS too.

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Apparently, a movie called Vantage Point will also be released early 2008. Click here to watch the trailer.

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Let's start the new year with some pretty interesting news.
  • There's a picture of Tom at work in the studio in Focus Knack today
  • The new album will be called Vantage Point
  • They are currently mixing the album in Brussels
  • Afterwards they'll do the mastering
  • It will be released on April 21st
  • One of the songs is called Slow and here's a part of the lyrics:

    Gently behind the beat
    We shuffle on ancient streets
    The reverb of time
    Is our vantage point
    We slept for a million years
    Lived through a million fears
    We are not nervous
    We will not ask for more
    Pawns of the troubled times
    And kings of our petty crimes
    The minds will function
    With a small delay
    See what he past has planned
    The future's a beggars hand
    The more we understand
    The slower our days

Read more about the new album