15 April 2008 at 06:35 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

  1. When She Comes Down
  2. Sun Ra
  3. Favourite Game
  4. The Architect
  5. Fell off The Floor, Man
  6. Slow
  7. Nothing Really Ends
  8. Bad Timing
  9. The Vanishing of Maria Schneider
  10. Instant Street
  11. What We Talk About
  12. Smokers Reflect
  13. Roses
  14. Is A Robot
  15. Theme From Turnpike
  16. Suds and Soda

(updated after Poison's information - actual setlist differed from the paper setlist)

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  1. britzelbeere says:

    Nice show last night, not one of their best but it was a good one. Nice venue but the sound was, as expected, pretty crappy. Tom seemed to be in a better mood though at first one of his guitars was out of tune and he was pissed. I wish they would ditch Maria Schneider and WWTAWWTAL. Roses and other songs such as The Architect were very energetic, the crowd was not. I don't understand why they don't play some of the older songs since they did well with the crowd.

  2. Jyves says:

    Aaah, the old clash of what a band enjoys playing versus what their fans like to hear...