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A small notice to let you know that this blog is now integrated in a bigger site about dEUS. Browse to www.hotellounge.be and update your bookmarks. The rss-feeds, Facebookpage and Twitter-account of this blog are already linked to that new site.

Don't worry, this page will remain online. I will bring most information to the new site in the following months though.

See you soon on www.hotellounge.be!

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Keep You Close (the single) is now also available in the Belgian iTunes Store. You can download it here.

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The complete dEUS-gig at Into The Great Wide Open is now online at 3voor12.nl. You can watch it here.

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Next wednesday auditions for the Keep You Close-video will be held in London. A casting call on Starnow tells us a bit more about the concept behind the video:

The music video 'Keep You Close' follows the idea of love being represented universally, the desire to be close to something or someone, the feeling of being part of something bigger.

It will be shot mainly in with macro lenses, intercut with time lapse images, often in slow motion. Set in a forest, the video starts with macros of animals and the general environment that are unrecognizable, this will also include human macro of skin, eyes and hair.

There will be two human characters who are intimately moving together, again most of which will be shot on macro to be revealed at the end of the video in a mid shot, where we will see the couple entwined together. Shot in tasteful and non-vulgar manner. This will also be cut with wider shots of to reveal the animals and forest environment.

Both roles will require full nudity for the final shot, but low nude-shade underwear could be worn. All the macro shot can be shot partly clothed.
Bericht publiceren

More info here.

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Last thursday, Tom & Mauro were interviewed during Villa Vanthilt, a talkshow on Flemish tv. They talk about the new album, the video for Constant Now and the upcoming Belpop-special.

You can watch the interview (in Dutch) here.

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  1. Slow
  2. Via
  3. Fell Off The Floor, Man 
  4. The Architect 
  5. Constant Now 
  6. Instant Street 
  7. If You Don't Get What You Want 
  8. Favourite Game 
  9. Nothing Really Ends 
  10. Bad Timing 
  11. Dark Sets In 
  12. Ghosts 
  13. Suds & Soda
  14. Roses

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Noticed this picture by Chloé March of yesterday's gig at Into The Great Wide Open. Stephane's kickdrum now has dEUS on it.

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dEUS played a surprise-semi-acoustic set at the Into The Great Wide Open-festival in Vlieland (The Netherlands). Here's a small review by VPRO. Here's the setlist.

  1. Right As Rain 
  2. The Real Sugar
  3. Magdalena 
  4. Nothing Really Ends 
  5. Smokers Reflect 
  6. Serpentine
  7. The End Of Romance
  8. Little Arithmetics
Tonight the band will also perform. You can follow the livestream here.

Live streaming by Ustream

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Tom told a bit about the Keep You Close-cover during Villa Vanthilt yesterday evening.

The cover shows two enthemologist (people studying bugs). Tom saw the photo in a newspaper. They contacted the photographer and he first thought they were making a joke.

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According to the site of booking agency Quiet Concerts, Balthazar will be supporting dEUS during the first part of the Keep You Close tour. The website is listing Balthazar as the support act for the following gigs.

11/10/11: Koko, London
12/10/11: Olympia, Dublin
14/10/11: Ouest Park Festival, Le Havre
19/10/11: La Laiterie, Strasbourg
20/10/11: La Vapeur, Dijon
22/10/11: Co-Operative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand
24/10/11: Trianon, Paris
25/10/11: Big Band Café, Caen
27/10/11: Krakatoa, Bordeaux
29/10/11: Cartonnierie, Reims
30/10/11: Aeronef, Lille

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During Villa Vanthilt yesterday evening a small piece of the upcoming Belpop-broadcast was shown. It was about the name dEUS. Apparently Tom was eager to have a bandname with a link to god. One of the names they considered was The Godmothers....

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A livestream of the Into The Great Wide Open Festival is available here. dEUS will play tomorrow (saturday) from 21.15 hour until 22.30 hour.