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Since my summer holiday starts within 10 minutes (yup, I had to work today), I thought I'd better warn all of you this blog will be less frequently updated for the next month. Of course, I will be around, and Jyves will babysit this little blog, but don't expect daily updates.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so you'll probably not see me around here. And from time to time I will be away for a couple of days too. Don't let it bother you to keep visiting the blog. If you have some news or mp3's to share, just drop me a line. I'll blog it as soon as possible then.

Cya soon


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Tom is deejaying in the Stadsschouwburg of Amsterdam tonight. Fashionistas is the official party of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The line-up includes a gig by Vive La Fête and dj-sets by Hermanos Inglesos and Hitmeister D.

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An new episode of the Télémoustique-podcast: dEUS @ Novarock.

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A couple of videos of the Ferrara-gig are also available on Youtube.

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I found two studio clips of the IABUTS recording sessions on Youtube.

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I just got confirmation from the dEUS-management: the Bad Timing EP will be a download-only release. The EP is available in the iTunes Music Store. Click here to buy it.

A 12" with the remixes will be posted later on. I'll keep you posted.

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  • A bunch of new artists for the gigs on October 1st have been released: Joost Zweegers, Hadise, Abdelli, Monza, Wouter Deprez, Gunter Lamoot, Kamagurka, Ronny Mosuse, Frank Vanderlinden, Ghinzu, Guy Swinnen, Ialma, Johan Verminnen, Monsoon, N'Faly Kouyaté, Philip Catherine, Plastic Bertrand, Reggie, Saule, Lio, Urban Trad, Willy Willy.
    Check the list of participating artists on the 0110-website for more info.
  • There will be a gig in the prison of Ghent too.
  • The gig in Charleroi will take place in the Spiroudôme.

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Tom will be telling stories about Antwerp at the re-opening of the Sint-Felixpakhuis in Antwerp on August 19th. Click here for more info.

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I got a couple of mails with mp3-files this weekend. They're available at my podcast too. If you have other recordings you want to share with us, feel free to contact me.

(thx to Ziggy and Stephanie)

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A blogger about the gig in Nimes

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Tom will be deejaying at Momulatenight, an event organised by the Modemuseum on August 5th. It's very limited: only 500 invitations are out there. Click here for more info.

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Bloggers about Paris Plage here, here, here and here.

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stop-start nature
instant street
fell off the floor man
the real sugar
sun ra
suds & soda
if you don't get what you want
nothing really ends
bad timing
little arithmetics

(thx to estefania on ISR)

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Alan Gevaert is also on Myspace.

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Just noticed another dEUS-remix: Bad Timing remixed by The Subs. You can download it at their Myspace. The Subs is in a way a dEUS-related band. Jeroen De Pessemier, one of the guys from The Subs, is also playing in Foxylane together with Stephane Misseghers. They're playing a couple of festivals (also Pukkelpop) the next weeks. And their Human Robot EP is available at iTunes.

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Axiom Films have announced the UK DVD release of Tom Barman’s Any Way the Wind Blows (2-Disc Special Edition) for August 21st 2006.

(Source: DVDtimes)

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I just noticed the Bad Timing EP is available at iTunes. Click here to buy it.

Here's the tracklist

  1. Bad Timing (Radio Edit)
  2. What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) [Universe Remix]
  3. Cold Sun Of Circumstance [Heavy Acid Remix by The Glimmers]

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01 Theme From Turnpike
02 Instant Street
03 Fell Off The Floor, Man
04 Sun Ra
05 Via
06 What We Talk About
07 Suds & Soda (with Stef Kamil Carlens)
08 Nothing Really Ends
09 Bad Timing
10 Pocket Revolution (with Stef and Radio Candip)
11 Roses

Review here.

Audience recording available on Dime-a-Dozen [thanks to Tristan]

[edit: Roses to finish, not PR - thx to Oli]

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Episode 13 of Vincent's podcast: dEUS @ Super Bock, Super Rock.

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Are things changing in the States? This blogger heard 7 days, 7 weeks on the radio yesterday. He wrote a review of Pocket Revolution too.

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Funny: a Flemish blogger has reworked the open letter from Filip Dewinter to artists performing on 0110. The blogger wrote an open letter to artists performing on the Vlaams Belang-festival.

More about 0110 in the blogosphere: Els Keytsman, Asfaltkonijn, Blanko, Don Viona, Bjorn Roose, Askatasuna, i-Wisdom

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Vlaams Belang is also organising a festival a couple of weeks before the elections. Here's the line-up: Salim Seghers, Wim Ravell, Frank Galan, Vanessa Chinitor, Danny Fabry, Frank Valentino, Kurt Lotigiers, Bandit, Nic Caan, Elke Taelman. A collection of Flemish artists on their way back.

Articles from De Standaard and De Morgen.

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A (small) review of the Sun Ra 10".

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Two new torrents on Dimeadozen: Ferrara and Pinkpop.

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Some pics of the Ferrara-gig are available in the dEUS Flickr Group.

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Pocket revolution
Stop start nature
Instant street
Fell off the floor
Sun Ra
Theme from Turnpike
Rock chic
The real sugar
What we talk about(when we talk about love)
Suds and soda
Little arithmetics
If you don't get what you want
Nothing really ends
Bad timing

(thx to Ziggy on ISR)

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Theme from Turnpike
Stop-start Nature
Instant Street
Fell off the floor
Sun Ra
The Real Sugar
Suds and Soda
Nothing really ends
Bad Timing

(thx to Delph on ISR)

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Apparently dEUS dedicated a song to Jeff Buckley during the gig in Lyon last thursday because they played the same festival with him in 1995. That gig is not listed on Hotellounge.com, so I did some research: date was July 4th.

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Forgot to mention it a couple of days ago: there's a new Mauro-podcast available here.

(source: Mauroworld)

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Another newsitem from Vlaams Belang about 0110. And a column by VB-president Frank Vanhecke.

Blogs about 0110: Word of Wyrd, Het vrije leven is van ons, Food For Cows

Funny: Vlaams Belang-member Tanguy Veys is keeping a sort of blacklist on his website. He's inviting everyone to spam artists that are performing on 0110. He has also done some research since he's mentioning real names of the bloggers that have written about the event.
As a reaction, a couple of guys at the Semtex-forum have succeeded in bringing down the website of Tanguy Veys last friday. The site went down because it exceeded its data limit. Tanguy is now considering a lawsuit...

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MTV The Netherlands will broadcast the Orange Flagship-gig from last february on Wednesday July 19th from 00.00h until 01.00h.

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Stop-Start Nature
Sun Ra
Instant Street
Fell of the Floor, Man
Worst Case Scenario
Cold Sun of Circumstance
What We Talk About
Suds & Soda
Nothing Really Ends
Bad Timing
Little Arithmetics
If you don’t get what you want
Pocket Revolution

(thx to dEUS77 on ISR)

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There's an interview with former dEUS-manager Filip Eyckmans in De Tijd today. It's about his efforts to launch a new sport called bossaball. He hopes a big company will support him in order to make bossaball a success. ,,In my dEUS-period we refused a lot of big deals (Belgacom,...) and now that I need a big company they're not coming.''

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Tom is the favorite one-night stand of Flemish photographer Lieve Blancquaert.

(Source: Humo)

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Theme from turnpike
Stop Start Nature
Instant Street
Fell Off the floor
Sun Ra
The Real Sugar
Nothing Really Ends
Bad Timing
Suds and soda

(thx to Delph on ISR)

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Pocket Revolution
Stop - Start Nature
Instant Street
Fell Off The Floor
Real Sugar
Nothing Really Ends (dedicated to Woven Hand who played just before)
Sun Ra
Bad Timing

(thx to estefania on ISR)

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I just noticed part of last week's Humo-interview is online too.

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Two videosnippets from the Werchter-gig.

(thx to Vince)

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The a capella-version of Fell Of The Floor, Man is available over here. Believe me, it sounds very cool.

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For those of you who don't understand Dutch: there's a small round-up of the last week on Expatica.com.

Update: another article in English

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The Tragically Hip is prepared to play the 0110-festival in Antwerp if Tom Barman invites him.

(Source: Het Nieuwsblad)

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Another great job by Vince: Episode 12 of the Tourpodcast is available: dEUS @ Werchter.

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It really looks like Vlaams Belang is totally stressed by 0110. They're giving Belgian media lots of opportunities to write about the event.

Frank Vanhecke, Vlaams Belang's number one, has warned the performing artists they should be aware that they might sell less records in the future.

Another Vlaams Belang-politician, Francis Van den Eynde, has written an open letter about 0110. He's focussing on Helmut Lotti. Lotti was a member of the VNJ (a nationalist youth movement) in his youth and his father has been a member of Vlaams Belang for a long time. The letter ends with something that's close to a threat.

Tanguy Veys (also Vlaams Belang) has published contact-data from artists performing on 0110 and he encourages people to spam the artists with complaints. Veys was condemned for beating up a couple of students but he got suspension of punish. Since a couple of days he's posting links to this article on Hotellounge.com. He doesn't mention Tom and Craig were totally innocent.

Read the article on De Standaard Online. The open letter from Van den Eynde is on this blog. Other blogs about this letter Kerygma, Zonder Zever, Schuppe

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There's an interview with Tom about 0110 in Humo this week.

  • At the time of the interview Tom only had milk and Red Bull in his fridge
  • He doesn't like to be the face of 0110
  • He lives in a busy hood: near the station, next to a cinema,... and he likes it
  • Until his 15th, he lived on Linkeroever (the other side of the river), close to Sint-Anneke.
  • He went to school at Sint-Lievens and later Sint-Jan-Berchmans. He went back to that school for Any Way The Wind Blows ("it looked like a summercamp")
  • He's writing a song in Dutch
  • He's probably gonna make a documentary about Wannes Van de Velde
  • He told other dEUS-members about his plan in the studio while mixing the album
  • Apparently Mauro's girlfriend crossed Hans Van Themsche on his deadly trail. He even pointed his gun at here.
  • He noticed that dEUS gets a more mixed audience in France than in Belgium
  • His favorite protestsongs are Masters of War (Bob Dylan), a couple of Marley-songs and Youth Against Fascism (Sonic Youth)
  • Tom says he's not an engaged writer, he writes about politics of the heart
  • His mother thinks 0110 is not Tom's best idea.

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Next week, belgian a capella-group Reset will offer a free download of their version of Fell Off The Floor, Man on their website.

(Source: Gazet Van Antwerpen)

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Vlaams Belang-politician Filip Dewinter has presented his open letter to artists that perform on 0110. According to Dewinter artists as Laura Lynn, Clouseau and Will Tura are manipulated and abused. He hopes that they will draw "the appropriate conclusions". He also lacks the appeal for financial support and says that the artists seem to have no respect for the Vlaams Belang-voters who buy their cd's and go to their concerts. Next step: a boycot?

You can read the letter here (in Dutch). An article from De Standaard here. I can already tell you the letter will have no immediate effect: Clouseau, Will Tura and Laura Lynn have already told the media they're still behind 0110 and its appeal for more tolerance.

Dewinter is not the only Vlaams Belang-politician who goes crazy about the event: check Jurgen Verstrepen and Bart Debie (I wrote about him before, he's risking 15 years of prison for a couple of things, including violations on the racism law). Verstrepen "warns" his visitors that they should not upload music from these artists to the internet to boycot them. Debie once again promises to buy a drink to everyone who throws away a dEUS-cd on October 1st. Here's an official reaction from Vlaams Belang and Dewinter's announcement of his letter.

More Vlaams Belang-reactions: Bjorn Roose (works for Vlaams Belang), Wouter Opdenacker

Reactions from other politicans: Philip Heylen (CD&V Antwerpen), Els Keytsman (Groen Aalst!), Nico Volckeryck (Groen! Antwerpen), Herman Boel (N-VA Aalst)

Reactions from artists: Kris Wauters (Clouseau), Laura Lynn

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I've ripped the Studio Brussel livestreams from last saturday and I isolated a couple of dEUS-songs. You'll find three files on the podcast.

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Belpop.com about 0110.

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An interview with Tom about 0110. And an article about the event.

(Source: Cuttingedge.be)

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Tom talks about his motivation for 0110 in De Morgen. He says he doesn't know if music can change your mind, but it can give you more awareness. Music doesn't need to have an explicit message. He believes in the power of beautiful things.

"Ik weet niet of muziek je mening kan veranderen, maar ze kan je zeker bewuster maken, zoals Bob Marley me als jonge gast politiek bewust heeft gemaakt. Muziek hoeft daarvoor zelfs niet expliciet een boodschap uit te dragen. Ik geloof in de kracht van mooie dingen. Als je in staat bent om schoonheid te ervaren dan zul je gevoeliger en meer open in het leven staan.

Ik ben niet het type om speeches te gaan houden of met vlaggen te zwaaien en dat gaan we op 1 oktober dan ook niet doen. Alle artiesten moeten zelf maar kiezen hoe ze hun engagement willen uiten. Dat we Helmut Lotti én Flip Kowlier op één affiche
hebben staan, dat is vanzelf toch al een statement om u tegen te zeggen? Dit is
geen feestje voor een klein clubje linkse rakkers.

Sinds ik dit idee heb gelanceerd spreken veel mensen me aan over politieke en maatschappelijke toestanden. Vrienden, maar ook wildvreemden op straat. Ik word gedwongen om over veel problemen na te denken en begin op steeds meer dingen te letten. Een sympathieke taxichauffeur die plots een smerige racistische opmerking maakt, zo van die dingen.

Ik heb absoluut geen politieke ambities, maar als ik een politieke uitspraak doe, is dat meteen voorpaginanieuws. Blijkbaar is dat iets zeldzaams. Tot nu toe zwegen de meeste muzikanten liever. Ik voel bij veel collega's dat er een soort opluchting bestaat, nu het stilzwijgen is doorbroken."

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Filip De Winter, one of the leaders of far-right party Vlaams Belang will write an open letter to a couple of artists (Laura Lynn, Will Tura) that are set to perform on 0110. He will warn then that the gigs are not for tolerance, but against far right and Vlaams Belang.
De Winter is probably trying to scare them. I wouldn't suprise me if Vlaams Belang will do an appeal to their voters to boycot all artists playing on 0110.

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All Flemish newspapers are writing about the 0110-event today: read the articles from De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, De Morgen, Het Laatste Nieuws and Gazet Van Antwerpen. And here's an article from Vrtnieuws.net

Some new info

  • the festival in Brussels will be named 'Schoon Brussel - Bruxelles La Belle', the one in Ghent 'Stem Vree Wijs'
  • locations are De Brouckère-square (Brussels), Vrijdagmarkt (or maybe Sint-Pietersplein) in Ghent
  • they're waiting for the Antwerp city council to approve the Vlaamse Kaai as the location for the gig in Antwerp. Negotiations seems to be very difficult.
  • De Morgen compares the gig with Live Aid (although I think they overreact a bit)
  • There will also be a gig in Charleroi

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According to Het Nieuwsblad already 50.000 people have sent an sms to support the festivals for tolerance on October 1st.

3 July 2006 at 15:18 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

  • Antwerp (Vlaamse & Waalse Kaai): Clouseau, dEUS, Zita Swoon (with guests), Wannes Van De Velde
  • Brussels (Brouckèreplein): De Laatste Showband with Arno, Laura Lynn, Daan, Rocco Granata, Roland, Axelle Red and Laïs
  • Ghent (Vrijdagmarkt): Helmut Lotti, Flip Kowlier, Sioen, Gorki, Will Tura and Pieter-Jan De Smet

More info

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Finally found some time to write a review of the Werchter-gig. For various reason my girlfriend and I did what devoted fans ought to do: we skipped all other bands and only drove to Werchter to have a look at dEUS. We arrived around 10 o' clock in the evening, had a drink in the press-area and entered the festivalfield around 11.

We looked for a place somewhere around the p.a and had a good view on stage. Instead of the Sun Ra-opening sample, dEUS entered stage on the What We Talk About-remix that won the Stubru-contest. They almost immediately knocked me down with fabulous versions of Turnpike, Stop-Start Nature and Instant Street.

I was surprised to hear them play Nightshopping (a song they didn't play a lot during the clubtour), but it rocked. Compared to the clubgigs they also dropped the Magnus-songs (which I don't regret). Once again Mauro was doing a great job. I've almost complety forgotten how Craig did Mauro's job.

It was clear they were also videorecording the gig (probably for the dvd). The big screens were only showing Brian Molko's face during Placebo's gig. But during dEUS they were showing (mostly black & white) images of the band and the audience.

Crowd response was very good. The olders songs were getting the most reaction. I heard a great version of Little Arithmetics and a superb Sun Ra. The festival exploded when Klaas played the intro of Suds & Soda. Definitely thé one and only rockanthem for Belgian people.

Before Nothing Really Ends Tom did his call for support for the gigs on October 1st. They used the big screens to communicate the sms-number. The regular set ended with Bad Timing. First encore was Pocket Revolution. A stunning version of Roses left Werchter completely knock out. I even think nobody noticed dEUS left stage a couple of minutes to early.

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I checked dns data for the domain 0110.be and I noticed it wasn't registered by a guy called Dominiek Six. Since I didn't notice a dEUS-link, I did some Google-research and it appears that Joren Six was using www.0110.be as the domain name for his weblog. Somebody from the dEUS-management called him at the end of May. Six was asked if dEUS could use his domain for a couple of months. And he agreed.

The 0110-website will apparently be made by Netwise, a company that also did some work for the dEUS-website back in 1999.

btw: bands for the 0110-festivals are set to be announced today. De Morgen writes there's a press conference this afternoon.

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The video for Bad Timing will be made by Pimpz.

(thx to McDinges on ISR)

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Tom announced something about the gig in Antwerp on October 1st. You can support the organisation by sending an sms to 3699. You have to send the code 0110 and it will cost you 1,5 euro. He didn't announce any names, but here's the website.

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Here's a report and some pics of yesterday's gig by Goformusic.be.

Update: a report from Vrtnieuws.net.

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Theme From Turnpike
Stop-Start Nature
Instant Street
Fell Of The Floor, Man
If You Don't Get Want You Want
The Real Sugar
Little Arithmetics
Sun Ra
What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love)
Suds & Soda
Nothing Really Ends
Bad Timing
Pocket Revolution

(Source: Goformusic.be)

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dEUS.be has announced a couple of new tourdates today. If you're are regular visitor of this blog you probably already heard about Ferarra, Nimes, Paris and Middelburg. Really new are the club dates in Turkey. I updated my tour-page with the latest info.

16/07 Ferarra, Italy: Ferarra Sotto Le Stelle
19/07 Nimes, France: Nimes Festival
20/07 Paris, France: Paris Plage Festival
09/09 Middelburg, Holland: Zeeland Nazomer Festival
14/09 Eskisehir, Turkey: 222 Park
15/09 Ankara, Turkey: Saklikent
16/09 Istanbul, Turkey: Yeni Melek

(Source: dEUS.be)

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We're still waiting for confirmation of the Paris plage-gig on July 20th. Apparently the official line-up for Fnac Indétendances was announced in the Fnac-magazine and it mentioned Saule Et Les Pleureurs, Zita Swoon, Ozark Henry and a surprise guest for that evening. Since some French rockmagazines mention dEUS on their website, it's probably Tom & co that 'll be surprising Paris that night.

(thx to Estefania on ISR)

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The Burning Butt Rockets covering Instant Street.

(thx to Harry)

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Flemish minister of culture Bert Anciaux says he's prepared to give a fund of 500.000 euro to Belgian bands like Arno of dEUS if it can help them to support a big act on tour.