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João mailed me a review of the gig in Porto. Enjoy!

dEUS went up to the stage at 22:00 after a half hour anxious wait on the small and old venue in Porto. Finally they arrived with their usual charm and start playing When she comes down, the sound was great and I could hear everything from the great bass playin from Alan to the high notes of Klaas violin so it was great, and it was loud, very loud.

First song sounded even better that in the record (as almost all of the last record) and it ended up very aggressive. No stops right into the beautiful bass line of stop start nature with Barman taking the front of the stage almost with the public singing the verse of the song. So they have conquered the public. A little break and changing Tom’s guitar. Said good night and asked for F.C. Porto result on the Champions League (we lost) and straight ahead to instant street and was the first great moment of the evening, the song is great we all know, but live it is just orgasmic, going up until it blows at the end almost cross-faded with Fell of the floor, so, if the idea was to breathe between song, just forget it, you could not even think.

Fell of the floor got everyone dancing with its powerful spirit and again it ended as Slow had begun it was cool and passed the soul of the song in the album. “You want a crunch hit?” Tom asked this three times and then Theme From Turnpike, well this song is just amazing and then we can see Mauro in great shape screaming those savages noises in the furious climbing up phase of the song ending in very very noise and again, no stop to the mystic intro of smokers reflect, everybody singing and dancing very slow.

Then Barman, call Bucky and we got The Architect, now the theatre was like a disco, everybody crazy dancing and shaking hands, this one was better than I expected and Mauro got it great in the duet with Tom. Favorite game started and to be sincere I only recognized it with singing because I was thinking it was Is a robot, maybe I was confused already with the show, so great it was. Favorite game, a great rock anthem in this live performance, always very high and very fast and loud, as all the show.

Then we went to the most amazing sequence of dEUS songs I heard, Nothing really ends, great, great, great it’s all I can say, great changes made oh the song and now it holds for itself in the shows and I ended in a very loud and messy noise on purpose so we could pass right to Bad Timing, great song, great playing. Layer over layer, it’s very complicated to do that without fail but they one that perfect and it was a perfect walk to the higher point of the song. If you don’t get what you want brought the madness to the venue again, everybody dancing and singing.

And after that Suds & soda, it’s amazing how this song 14 years later is still so fresh, and the crowd answered and so, it’s hard to not jump as it’s hard to choose if you want to sing or if you want to scream Friday. Alan is playing much better this song (better then the last show I saw in 2006), Stephen in great drum playing and everything perfect. The song ended on the “can I break your sentiment” and passed to Oh Your God, in one hand I liked the transition but in another I missed the orgasmic last part of Suds & soda but if they done the last part was better to finish the show I think, so they went through Oh Your God and very well, so much noise and so much rhythm, this one just leaves anyone seeing things going around.

Then a stop and talk between Klaas and Tom, Klaas wanted to leave Tom wanted to stay one more song, so Tom won and Mauro said “bad meeting” and they played to the delight of everyone Magdalena, beautiful ending before the encore. This was the fastest break I’ve ever seen. One minute and a half out of stage and they were back again.

Tom Barman said that here in Portugal he has some bad habits and that we have bad habits to and the Roses everybody clapping and stop everything and Tom “You see? Bad habits! You don’t clap roses! You just snap your fingers.” It’s great the interaction between band and the crowd here in Portugal. So roses started and now it was for real. Great, it’s all I can say. Then Pocket Revolution with its dark ambience, very nice indeed. And then another classic that nobody expected for, Little Arithmetics and everybody singing the song and shaking hands to chaos that the song became at the end (a lovely chaos must say).

Then, Serpentine, full of soul and meaning. After that What we talk about in a much more rock version and much more fun than the record versionThe end, with the presentation of Mauro Pawlowski with a great applause, that was truly deserved because he was great during the whole show, and then he proved it again with Morticiachair, I was expecting this song but the most of the crowd don’t so it was a real surprise to everyone and well, A great ending. The song suits very well in Mauro’s voice and attitude.So in the end, this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and the cheapest one.

dEUS are in real great shape and now they really work as a band (in comparison with 2006 show) and they all seem to have great joy in playing not only the new songs but also the old ones that we all love. Can’t wait for the next show. Those were two great hours of show and I’m still trying to believe that they played 21 songs. Great.

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  1. Soniya says:

    Nice review indeed, thanks!
    Les portugais sont chanceux!

  2. ziggy says:

    Thank you for this nice review. It should have been very good the show. And the setlist is great.