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Vlaams Belang-politician Filip Dewinter has presented his open letter to artists that perform on 0110. According to Dewinter artists as Laura Lynn, Clouseau and Will Tura are manipulated and abused. He hopes that they will draw "the appropriate conclusions". He also lacks the appeal for financial support and says that the artists seem to have no respect for the Vlaams Belang-voters who buy their cd's and go to their concerts. Next step: a boycot?

You can read the letter here (in Dutch). An article from De Standaard here. I can already tell you the letter will have no immediate effect: Clouseau, Will Tura and Laura Lynn have already told the media they're still behind 0110 and its appeal for more tolerance.

Dewinter is not the only Vlaams Belang-politician who goes crazy about the event: check Jurgen Verstrepen and Bart Debie (I wrote about him before, he's risking 15 years of prison for a couple of things, including violations on the racism law). Verstrepen "warns" his visitors that they should not upload music from these artists to the internet to boycot them. Debie once again promises to buy a drink to everyone who throws away a dEUS-cd on October 1st. Here's an official reaction from Vlaams Belang and Dewinter's announcement of his letter.

More Vlaams Belang-reactions: Bjorn Roose (works for Vlaams Belang), Wouter Opdenacker

Reactions from other politicans: Philip Heylen (CD&V Antwerpen), Els Keytsman (Groen Aalst!), Nico Volckeryck (Groen! Antwerpen), Herman Boel (N-VA Aalst)

Reactions from artists: Kris Wauters (Clouseau), Laura Lynn

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  1. Veerle says:

    to dEUS and tom Barman,

    I have just read some reactions on the site of 'het Volk' and 'het nieuwsblad'. There are clearly a lot of people against the 0110 festival. (I even heard someone saying on Werchter that it is bullshit.)
    But I think it is a GREAT idea. Finally there are people who dare to stand up against racism.
    it doesn't matter to me if this is a festival against 'Vlaams Belang' or racism (that's what most discussions are about), I will be there the first of October.
    Everyone should be able to express his opinion about it. Even if this person is public figure. It's good that one of the greatest artists Belgium ever had stands up for his opinion.

    The fact that 'Vlaams Belang' reacts on the festival in this way, proves to me that it actually is an intolerant politcal group.
    Don't let them stop you!


    P.S. als ge vrijwilligers nodig hebt voor het fe(e)stival, ik wil altijd helpen!