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There's an interview with Tom about 0110 in Humo this week.

  • At the time of the interview Tom only had milk and Red Bull in his fridge
  • He doesn't like to be the face of 0110
  • He lives in a busy hood: near the station, next to a cinema,... and he likes it
  • Until his 15th, he lived on Linkeroever (the other side of the river), close to Sint-Anneke.
  • He went to school at Sint-Lievens and later Sint-Jan-Berchmans. He went back to that school for Any Way The Wind Blows ("it looked like a summercamp")
  • He's writing a song in Dutch
  • He's probably gonna make a documentary about Wannes Van de Velde
  • He told other dEUS-members about his plan in the studio while mixing the album
  • Apparently Mauro's girlfriend crossed Hans Van Themsche on his deadly trail. He even pointed his gun at here.
  • He noticed that dEUS gets a more mixed audience in France than in Belgium
  • His favorite protestsongs are Masters of War (Bob Dylan), a couple of Marley-songs and Youth Against Fascism (Sonic Youth)
  • Tom says he's not an engaged writer, he writes about politics of the heart
  • His mother thinks 0110 is not Tom's best idea.

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