2 May 2008 at 22:19 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

As I expected the show in Liège was historic. One of those evenings where everything and everybody is 200%: dEUS in excellent shape, a nice venue, an excellent audience and no technical problems. From the first lines of When She Comes Down to the last riff of Suds & Soda Liège was going crazy.

Compared to the gig in Hasselt the setlist was changed slightly. No Popular Culture and no Smokers Reflect, but Pocket Revolution instead.

The show started rather calm with When She Comes Down and The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider, but in the hour that followed dEUS knocked us out completely. The crowd was very enthusiast and every minute of the gig I got more and more flashbacks to the gigs in 1995-1996. It had been a long time since I saw a dEUS-crowd going crazy almost the whole gig.

Once again, Instant Street and Bad Timing were highlights, but I should also mention Slow, the song that couldn't convince me in Breda and Hasselt, was now played as it should be.

They opened the encores with one of the best live-versions of What We Talk About (When We Talk About) ever, followed by Oh Your God and probably the best Suds & Soda ever played. Comparing gigs througout the years is very difficult, but this gig is in my top 3-dEUS-gigs ever.

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    Instant Street live in Liege on Youtube