2 May 2008 at 22:40 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

First time for me in Het Depot and a real discovery. What a great venue. The place was sold out but I had never the feeling that it was too crowded. Great view on the stage too. The lightshow was ok too. I have the impression it looks better in higher rooms than in rooms with a low ceiling like Muziekodroom. Since I spotted Lies Lorquet in the audience I was hoping they'd play Eternal Woman, but they didn't. I also saw Milow and Roel Van der Stukken.

The show started a bit earlier than the days before. Openingtrack was When She Comes Down, immediately followed by Sun Ra and Favorite Game. The sound during Sun Ra was not as it should be. Tom was also having a lot of troubles with his ear-monitors. The crowd was not that crazy than the night before although Tom was trying to make them move.

Few bad things about this gig: Smokers Reflect is a nice song, but I slowed down the gig a lot. Luckily they played Instant Street afterwards, followed by (an excellent) Is A Robot and my live-favorites Nothing Really Ends and Bad Timing. And they have to fix the in-ear-monitorproblem too: Tom even stopped the gig a minute after Instant Street to get completely re-connected.

While a roadie was fixing Tom's in-ear-monitors, Mauro entertained the audience. I was no suprise that the 4 songs that followed made the room go wild: Is A Robot, Nothing Really Ends, Bad Timing en Theme From Turnpike.

They opened the encores with The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider, followed by Roses and Oh Your God. Leuven freaked out completely during Suds & Soda. Nice gig.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I share your feelings about the gig. It was nicely build up towards the architect (and slow), but afterwards smokers reflect was kind of an "anticlimax".
    If they didn't had the black box revelation as support-act, they should've taken Mr. Mauro Pawlowski as stand-up comedian to warm up the audience.
    The man is hilarious!