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Found on the Vantage Point product page at Amazon.de: this promotional video for the album, with the band rehearsing Bad Timing, a part of the Slow video, and a message to "girls & boys" by Tom.

"hello girls & boys! i'm tom barman, from deus. we're recording our new album, vantage point, in this studio, in antwerp, belgium. we're bringing it out on april 18th. we hope you like it as much as we do. bye bye!"

On that page there's also a review of the album in German, with some info about Popular Culture: there's a line that goes "If you don't come from the States you will always be late in popular culture", complete with a children choir.

[thx to britzelbeere]

Update: Bart put the video on YouTube
Update 2: dEUS put the video on their YouTube profile

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    dEUS also put in on their youtube