28 March 2008 at 13:55 posted by Jean-Yves 0 Comments

The rumour was right: dEUS will headline the Motel Mozaique festival in Rotterdam, on April 11. They'll play at Off_Corso. Beware: in order to see the concert, you'll need to get a wristband from 16:00 on the same day at the Motel Mozaique tent on Schouwburgplein.

Motel Mozaique organiser Harry Hamelink is honoured to have dEUS on the bill: "dEUS have built up quite a status in Europe, and still they're coming back to Motel Mozaique. We're not calling ourselves a motel for no reason: we're happy to have regular guests visiting again." Once again he's impressed by their work: "(the album) is very groovy, full of surprises and quirky choices" (from the 3voor12 website)

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