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I had a great experience yesterday evening. Universal Belgium (the record company that releases Pocket Revolution in Belgium) organised a listening session for the new album in the ICP-studios. About 40 Belgian journalist had the chance to listen to the album for the first time (if they hadn't downloaded it yet). A bit strange, sitting on a chair for an hour listening to an album.

It's not common practice in Belgium to organise such sessions, but Universal wanted to show how important the new dEUS is for them. The last time they did a listening session in Belgium was with the release of How to dismantle an atomic bomb by U2.

Tom, St├ęphane and Alan were also there. Tom did a short intro for the press. He said to be happy the album is finished. He praised Michel Dierickx who did a great job mixing the album. Tom is doing promo-interviews and the album gets very good reactions.

During one of those interviews an Italian journalist asked Tom if it's not commercial suicide to open the album with Bad Timing, a song of 7 minutes length. Tom didn't know the answer immediately. The journalist answered: Offcourse not, it's a great song!

First reactions of the press seemed to be quite good. Everyone got a promo-copy. Expect some reviews in the week of the release!

Arthur and I recorded a track-by-track-interview Tom. I'm not gonna spoil your fun, so check out the official website very soon for the video.

There was Deus-beer (a sort of champagne-beer, brewn close to my hometown). Christian liked the baseline of the beer: Brut des Flandres. Sort of what dEUS is all about. But there is no other 'link' between the band and the beer.

Oh yeah, the English journalist who tried to sell his promo-copy on eBay was tracked down by V2. I wonder if she will still get promo's...

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