11 August 2011 at 08:13 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

The result of Studio Brussel's Pukkelpop-setlist voting:

  1. Suds & Soda (Worst Case Scenario)
  2. Instant Street (The Ideal Crash)
  3. Roses (In A Bar, Under The Sea)
  4. Hotellounge (Be the death of me) (Worst Case Scenario)
  5. The Architect (Vantage Point)
  6. Nothing Really Ends (Pocket Revolution)
  7. Little Arithmetics (In A Bar, Under The Sea)
  8. Via (Worst Case Scenario)
  9. Disappointed In The Sun (In A Bar, Under The Sea)
  10. Bad Timing (Pocket Revolution)
They called Klaas to talk about it. He hoped that Zea would be in the list and is also a bit disappointed that the listeners did not pick more less known songs.

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