18 January 2011 at 14:49 posted by Bart Van Belle 7 Comments

I had a phonecall with Studio Brussel this afternoon about my passion for dEUS.

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  1. rak says:

    wish it had some subtitles... :)

  2. martin says:

    yeh me too ;)
    but i understood some of it.

    Bart, thanks for all the work you put into this, without you, it wouldnt be so convenient to follow everything that happens around dEUS.

  3. lovedeus says:

    awww, you told the flower story :D

    i love your blog too :) i call it "Bart" ;)

  4. Unknown says:


    Just putting my question here, doesn't have to do much with this post, but I don't find a guestbook or something like that to post this question.

    In "nothing really ends" they sing "like in that movie
    You know the one where Martin Sheen
    waves his arm to the girl on the street"... Can someone tell me wich film they're talking about?


  5. catherina says:
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  6. catherina says:

    i wanted to thank you too. thanks for everything you do on pocket revolution. problably we`ll meet on any of the coming concerts???

  7. mikkie says:

    Lovely interview! Great to hear a voice with the blog!

    And P. the movie is Badlands (I've been told, have not seen it)