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Since I've missed the Rivierenhof-gig because I was on a holiday, it was about a year ago I saw dEUS live. You can imagine I was really, really looking forward to this. We hung around the festival for a while, saw Meuris playing an excellent gig and enjoyed some things on the other stages. We went back to the Kayam-tent when Tom McRae had nearly finished his set and managed to get on the second row. Nice spot, right before Mauro (And next to Eva (Lovedeus) from Austria)

Since Tindersticks had some problems getting there in time, dEUS had to start 15 minutes later than scheduled. The setlist was a kind of greatest hits, a short version of the Rivierenhof-gig. The band seemed to have a really good time on stage, although there were some technical problems. Klaas had some problems with the sampler during The Architect and Alan was struggling with the sound in the stage-monitors.

Highlights for me were Turnpike and as always the combination Nothing Really Ends-Bad Timing. They also played the new song Second Nature. It was the first time I heard it, but it sure is a song with some potential. Nice melody, some woehoe's but a little different since it has no typical dEUS-climax. Smokers Reflect has also grown to a 'classic' for me. And it was also nice to hear Serpentine once again.

By the way: I didn't know they had Nothing Really Ends-shirts. Noticed it for the first time at the merchandise-place.

Having seen the band for about 50 times now (and about 15 times since Vantage Point), they couldn't surprise me anymore. But the Dranouter-gig was really good, way better than I expected from a band that is not touring. Certainly not the best gig I've seen, but definitely one that I will remember. And probably one that will make it to my personal top 10 of dEUS-gigs.
At the end of the gig Tom and Mauro got flowers and they threw them in the audience. Mauro pointed to my girlfriend and we were able to catch the flowers. A great ending of a great evening. Thank you for the roses!

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