1 December 2009 at 13:27 posted by Jean-Yves 2 Comments

In a lengthy, 5-page interview with Tom Barman and Stef Kamil Carlens, this week's paper issue of HUMO goes back to the early days of dEUS. Why now? Because this Friday, Worst Case Scenario, from the Tom/Stef/Rudy period, gets the deluxe treatment; because Zita Swoon are releasing a best-of album (To Play, To Dream, To Drift, An Anthology); because next week, Tom will be Stef's guest during several special Zita Swoon concerts (tickets still available for the AB one).

You can read excerpts from the interview on the HUMO website. It's all in Dutch, mind you.

Someone should translate it into English, cause it's frankly amazing to read all those stories about early-90's dEUS, 13 years after Stef left the band. There's stuff about why Stef (and Rudy, and Craig) left dEUS, how the band at first all lived together in Antwerp, how they coped with early success (and how very differently), ...

A must-read.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Yes, people, please translate it to English ! I'll be eternally grateful ;)

    A non-Dutch-speaking fan.

  2. ziggy says:

    Indeed a translation is needed. This is probably the major interview of dEUS from these last few years.
    Thank you in advance :-)