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A couple of webshops already have pre-order pages for the deluxe edition of Worst Case Scenario. Below is the tracklist as listed on a couple of shops. The remastered version of the album is the Island Version (but Let Go is on the b-sides-album).

Disco 1
Suds and soda
W.c.s. (first draft)
Jigsaw you
Right as rain
Let's get lost
Hotellounge (be the death of me)
Shake your hip
Great america nude
Secret hell
Divebomb djingle

Disco 2
Zea (intro replica)
Texan coffee
It. Furniture in the far west
Violins and happy endings
Great america nude (strip mix)
Jigsaw you (live)
Whose vegas (is it anyway)
Morticiachair (live)
Let go
Suds and soda (die anarchistische abendunterhaltung)
Dea (demo)
Suds and soda (demo)
Secret hell (live)
Mute (live)

Disco 3 (dvd)
Time is the state of my jeans (making of worst case scenario)
Suds and soda (live at london astoria ii - mtv 1994)
W.c.s. (first draft)(live pinkpop 1995)
Let's get lost (live pinkpop 1995)
Great american nude (live at london camden underworld 1995)
Hotellounge (be the death of me)(mtv most wanted 1995)
Shake your hip (mtv most wanted 1995)
Via (live mtv 120 minutes 1995)
Whose vegas (is it anyway)(live mtv 120 minutes 1995)
Jigsaw you (live mtv 120 minutes 1995)
On the road in england (vpro tv nomaden 1995)

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