22 August 2009 at 11:14 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

  1. Everybody's Weird
  2. Favourite Game
  3. Slow (with Karin Dreier Anderson)
  4. Dark Sets In
  5. Pocket Revolution
  6. Paper Bones
  7. Serpentine
  8. Turnpike
  9. Instant Street
  10. Fell Off The Floor, Man
  11. Morticiachair
  12. Hotellounge (sung by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol)
  13. Sun Ra (with Younes Faltakh of The Hickey Underworld)
  14. Suds & Soda (with De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig)

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  1. Unknown says:

    Mixed feelings about this show. Amazed to see them this tight after weeks/months of not doing live shows. Special guests were a nice treat, never expected to see Karin up there, even though Fever Ray were performing before dEUS.

    Dunno who the jackass was who introduced the band, but a) why are there even introductions and b) why are they always unfunny and useless?

    The two new songs were crap, sorry to say it. The applause after them was merely polite, everyone there knew perfectly well this was more of the same mediocre and forgettable dreck that clogged up Vantage Point. (The choir in "Dark Sets In" was particularly heinous. Perhaps intentionally so, but still... ugh!)

    Was hoping to hear more songs they haven't been playing alot of. "Hotellounge" was fantastic, despite the presence of the singer from the dude from Snow Patrol.

    Tonight they better play “Let’s See Who Goes Down First” and “The Magic Hour” and other weird shit like that. But I fear for much overlap with Friday's set.

    All in all: ace band playing an ace set (if you leave out the new songs).

    Really wishing they'd stop making those mid-tempo meandering songs that ruined so much of Vantage Point, and start ROCKING more. Like they do on the old songs.