12 December 2008 at 17:41 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Oh boy. They sure did save the best for last. Great sound, great crowd, great gig. I was standing front row right before Klaas. What a difference compared to wednesday when I was sitting somewhere in the back.

The first part of setlist was mainly the same as on wednesday. The big difference was the fact they skipped Let's See Who Goes Down First during the regular set and immediately jumped from Bad Timing to If You Don't Get What You Want, followed by Suds & Soda. Since Bad Timing is a real crowd pleaser, they could easily stretch the vibe. Wednesday they more or less broke it by playing a rather calm and less known song. And I shouldn't tell you the extactic crowd reaction during Instant Street.

They kicked of the encores with Magdalena. It felt so good to hear that song again after all those years. I don't like the new version of Little Arithmetics without the outro. They probably leave it out to make the fade in to Oh Your God smoother, but it just doesn't fit well. The first part of the encores ended with Serpentine.

They came back a second time. I was thinking they would only play Roses, but they started with Let's See Who Goes Down First. And Roses was a brilliant ending of another brilliant gig.

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