8 December 2008 at 14:29 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

As the Vantage Point-tour is nearly over, I grabbed my chance to go and check out dEUS in a regular venue before the grand apotheose in Vorst Nationaal later this week. It was the first time I went to 013 in Tilburg and the venue is really cool: the stage is wide, the room has an arena-feeling due to the stairs and there's a nice balcony. I bet everybody had a great view on the stage.

We arrived around eight o' clock, just in time to catch Expatriate. The Australians did a great job as a support act. Not that impressive as The Blackbox Revelation during the spring-tour, but nice enough to get in the right mood.

dEUS came on stage around nine o'clock. The first part of the gig was more or less the same that during the Amsterdam-gigs. I saw the first Amsterdam-gig on the internet and noticed that things have changed a lot since the last time I saw dEUS in July this year on Rock Werchter.

It's obvious that the band now has almost total control on the live-aspect of the Vantage Point-songs. And it's great that a couple of oldies have made it to the setlist again. It's so nice to hear Everybody's weird or Let's See Who Goes Down First again. And Little Arithmetics and Morticiachair during the encores. They also played Eternal Woman, but without Lies Lorquet. Alan did Lies' lines. No Serpentine or Magdalena, but let's hope they keep that one for Vorst (on both nights please ;-)).

Two funny moments: when Tom was hit by his guitar while changing guitars before Instant Street, he asked for a tissue. Somebody threw a sac of paper tissues on stage. Tom said thank you and Mauro asked if somebody had a christmas tree. And Klaas made a mistake during one of the violin-bridges of Morticiachair. Instead of Drop the phone Mauro sang Drop the song...

Tilburg was nice. Tilburg was great. And I bet Vorst will even be greater.

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  1. Alan did Lies' lines? In Amsterdam Stephane sang them.

  2. Unknown says:

    Great review of a great concert!