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dEUS as the closing act of the best festival in the world. I shouldn't tell you I was really looking forward to the gig. A lot has been written about the gig already, but I don't agree with the people saying dEUS played too little known songs. Just look at the setlist and you'll notice they played 9 songs that should be more or less known by regular Studio Brussel-listeners.

Ofcourse, they could have played some oldies like Little Arithmetics, Hotellounge or Via instead of Oh Your God, Is A Robot and Smokers Reflect, but they're touring with a new album. The setlist was an excellent mix of old songs and songs from Vantage Point.

In 2004 dEUS used to open their festivalgigs with Turnpike, now they seem to have picked Slow. A great version if you ask me. Oh Your God was a nice wake-up call for people who fell asleep after 4 days of music. Instant Street was the first highlight for me. Mauro's backing vocals. The brilliant outro. Goose bumps every time.

After Fell Of The Floor, Man they played three songs from Vantage Point (Is A Robot, Smokers Reflect and Maria Schneider). The intro for Is A Robot was probably a bit long, but the rest of the song rocked. After a small quiet intermezzo with Smokers Reflect and Maria Schneider dEUS played a brilliant rest of the gig. Turnpike, a messy The Architect and the new single Favourite Game were great. I wasn't impressed by the longer intro of Sun Ra because Mauro clearly had problems singing his wohoo's at the beginning a couple of times.

A lot of people didn't recognize Nothing Really Ends due to the new intro. The fade out/in to Bad Timing remains as fantastic as the first time they did the trick. The encores kicked off with Popular Culture. As announced, the kids choir joined the band on stage. It's nice to see it, but they were not singing that good this time. According to Het Nieuwsblad one of the kids is the brother of Luna, the 2-year old girl that was killed by a racist killer in Antwerp two years ago.

The apotheose was superb. Roses was followed by a long version of Suds & Soda, the kids choir was dancing on stage, and the crowd went crazy. Tom jumped on the monitors and gave the signal to start the fireworks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was great show.(So far i'm still
    deaf but that's oke :)


  2. Tom jumped on the monitors AND fell down really hard. And got back up on his feet again laughing, thankfully

  3. Anonymous says:

    Waaaw, I totally missed Toms fall =s That's actually a weird thing, since I was practicly looking at him the whole time (^^ yeah, he IS f*ckin' cute!) ... Must have been to busy dancing!
    The gig was, in my opinion, totally amazing. Most of the press has got it all wrong! We, or at least I, didn't need a hitshow. They've got a new album, so they should play those song. Nostalgism (haha, don't really know the word in English, so I'm just guessing) is a nice thing, but you don't have to push it. This gig was as good as 0110 (in my opinion an enormously amazing, sexy gig!)

  4. Any chance on a podcast of this like last time dEUS was on Werchter?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I preferred the concert of 0110, there was much more emotion and intensity in the voice of Tom.nsity in the voice of Tom.