4 May 2008 at 19:11 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Fourth dEUS-gig this week and (again) a very good one. Almost as good as the Liège-gig, but the crowd (and atmosphere) there was really unbeatable. Compared to the gig in Breda and even the gig in Hasselt, the gigs are getting better night after night. And if they manage to get control over the technical problems, a dEUS-gig is almost always super.

They played the same songs as in Leuven, but switched the order. They kept Instant Street for the encores and built in some rest after Slow with Smokers Reflect and The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider. It's also great to see that they've got the live-version of Slow under control. The music was loud (maybe too loud), but I didn't mind.

They opened with When She Comes Down followed by Sun Ra. Massive crowd-response during Favorite Game and Fell Off The Floor Man. Then came The Architect and Slow, followed by Smokers Reflect and The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider.

After The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider they got in overdrive again with a fantastic Theme From Turnpike and Is A Robot (a killer-song). The last three songs of the regular set were Roses, Nothing Really Ends and Bad Timing. Needless to say that Brugge went crazy.

Keeping Instant Street for the encores worked out fine as well. And it seems Oh Your God and Suds & Soda will be the last two songs on every gig this tour.

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  1. thomas says:

    I was there too, I loved the concert

    I didn't notice any mistakes and indeed the setlist was fine. I haven't heard the new songs on cd a lot but it seems to me that they are better when played live. The Architect which I start do dislike because it's played too much on the radio, was much better live than on radio

    Only one thing, it seemed to me that the crowd wasn't that great at the concert, or was that just me...

  2. Anonymous says:

    the crowd was very dull. They only woke up during some old songs