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The dEUS-gig in l'Eden in Charleroi? Great! (pronounced like in the Jazz club of The Fast Show). No, really. Unbelievable gig. I didn't know what to expect of l'Eden, but it's a very cool club.
We were a little bit to early in Charleroi. I was afraid of finding a good parking spot, but that wasn't a problem. I parked my car 100m from the door of l'Eden. Everybody was waiting outside, having a beer, smoking a cigarette. Even Mauro, Stephane and Alan came out to enjoy the good weather and the nice admosphere.

20:30 sharp the Black Box Revalotion started their show. Awesome. I was very surprised what those two young guys can do with only a guitar and a drumset. They have a very broeiing future and I'll follow them for sure. They played untill 21:00.

After a few beers (they were easy to get in the nice café of l'Eden, but the Mystic-beer sucked) we were more then ready for dEUS. 21:30 sharp they came on stage. They started of, as expected, with When She Comes Down. Tom was point at the sound engineer a few times, but for I guess he was satisfied after the first song, because he never really looked at the engineer again.

With Sun Ra they punched me in the face (positive way). I was stunned. From there on they kept on going... Sorry, I don't remember the right order of the songs but they played Favourite Game, Eternal Woman, Instant Street, Slow, The Architect, Fell Off The Floor Man, Smokers Reflect, Bad Timing, Is A Robot, Theme From Turnpike, Roses, Oh Your God and ended with Suds and Soda.

The crowd loved their show. A lot of people were moving. I couldn't help it... I was dancing from the first untill the last minute. Some people, I guess not real big fans, didn't move and though dEUS played too hard. But that's the way I like them. The songs of the new cd are great, but live they are harder and much better.

There also was a balcony with places to sit down. During the last song, Suds and Soda, they stopped a second and Tom said: "Vous êtes assis ou quoi?", Meaning: "What the fuck guys, you're sitting down during this awesome party!?" Tom, I didn't understand it either... Great gig, fantastic party, great vennue,... Looking forward to the next dEUS-gig.

Spotted in the audience: Paul Magnette (PS), minister of climate.

(thx to Gilles Simonet)

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    French review of the gig available here :


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    this review came from http://www.myspace.com/preumontm
    my dad's blog.
    Lots of review there (rudy trouvé septet etc)