6 May 2008 at 09:07 posted by Bart Van Belle 8 Comments

dEUS ended their belgian tour in the Ancienne Belgique. After 5 gigs in "smaller" venues, it was the first gig in Belgium in front of a big crowd. In the afternoon, I heard a rumour that something special was gonna happen, so I was really looking forward to it.

dEUS came on stage a lot earlier than the other gigs (around 20.30h), so I think some people missed the beginning of the show. It seems like they've found the perfect 5 songs to open the gig, since they've opened with the same songs since the gig in Leuven. The sound was a bit messy from time to time, but I was standing close to the speakers. I understand that the sound was really good, elsewhere in the AB.

The band was clearly willing to go 200% for it, just as the audience. The crowd wasn't that good as in Liège, but way better that Leuven and Brugge. From time to time Tom didn't look very happy as he was giving instructions to Wannes (the roadie) and the sound engineer. They messed up the intro for The Architect and Is A Robot too.

Top-songs were Instant Street and the duo Nothing Really Ends / Bad Timing. They kept some suprises for the encores: Lies Lorquet joined them for Eternal Woman during the first encores and they even played a 2nd encore: Popular Culture (with the kids choir).

I had a really good evening and have started the countdown to Maubeuge and Rock Werchter.
C ya there!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bart, weet je al hoe je aan tickets voor Maubeuge geraakt... op die site vind ik daar niets over... weet jij toevallig meer? Thanks!

  2. gilles,

    misschien moet je een keer mailen naar billetterie@lemanege.com

  3. Those kids sure can stay up late! On a school night! :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Heb ik al eens gedaan, maar geen antwoord gekregen... Ik zal nog eens proberen... I'll keep you posted.



  5. Anonymous says:

    It was a good gig, I think the best moments were Instant Street, Fell of the floor man, Theme from turnpike, suds & soda, Eternal woman and The architect. I guess I like their old work more, allthough I think Vantage Point is a really great record.
    The choir with the kids was really funny, but Lies Lorquet looked a bit lost on stage. Mauro seemed awfully quiet, but Tom was in a good shape.
    We had a great night!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mauro was weer bezig aan z'n typische stijldansen. Vond het echt een goed optreden! Niet het beste wat ik al van dEUS zag, maar t komt in de buurt. Vooral Nothing Really End - Bad Timing was ongelooflijk knap, wat een prachtige overgang.
    Lies Lorquet liep wel beetje verloren op het podium, niet?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Got an answer about Maubeuge:

    "Bonjour, vous pouvez réserver par téléphone soit à la billetterie de
    maubeuge ( ou celle de Mons (
    Sincères salutations
    La billetterie"

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tickets are also available at Fnac, at least at the one in Brussels (City 2). I bought mine there yesterday :) :) :)