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Christian Pierre reacts on the Heineken-incident in the Belgian media on the Knack-website.

  • He confirms that Universal asked Co-Operative Music to disable the streams on the Heineken-website
  • He says they Universal doesn't know everything about the international deals
  • COOP is part of Universal so in fact it's one record company
  • They've done a couple of other actions with Myspace (the Slow-video), Last.FM (The Architect), Les Inrocks (Oh Your God in the podcast),...
  • dEUS thinks the internet is a very important medium to promote and sell music
  • The deal in Heineken wasn't that exclusive, they've done other things in the rest of Europe
  • They picked Heineken in Spain because their music site is the best way to reach the audience they're aiming at. It's not a marketing-website, it's a normal music site.
  • They're not promoting Heineken, they're just using a platform offered by Heineken to promote their new album
  • The embargo and the 25.000-euro thing for the Belgian media is just a way to prevent the media-battle they see each time the band releases an album. Three years ago they asked the media the same thing, but De Morgen broke it the day after.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Le soir is gonna publish an interview with tom today because of universal's unreasonable claims.
    I think universal still lives in a different time age, with something as the internet, embargos don't make any sense anymore.