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An article in Focus Knack gives us more info about the Vantage Point-artwork:
  • the cover of Vantage Point is a drawing by Belgian artist Michael Borremans
  • the drawing is called Two circles and belongs to a set of drawings called The Good Ingredients
  • The good ingredients shows a series of drawings which show hostages with their aggressors. Two circles, crosses and other geometrical figures appear on the ground, as the hostages lay down on the ground to obey the instructions of the hostage takers.
  • Two circles shows a bunch op people lying on the ground of a parking lot in front of three armed men
  • According to Borremans he normally refuses this kind of jobs, but he was honoured by the fact dEUS asked him
  • He suggested the drawing after he listened to the album
  • Borremans is one of Belgium's most succesful contemporary artists. Some of his works are shown in the MoMa (New York) or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.
  • He says he's a dEUS-fan since the beginning

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    borremans is great!