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There's an interview with Alan in Humo this week. Here are the highlights.

  • As most of you already know Alan played in a band called A Noh Rodeo in the eighties with his sister Hélène and Chris Whitley.
  • He moved to the States and toured with Chris Whitley and did some session-work.
  • Alan started as a drummer, moved to guitar and fell in love with the bass when he noticed he was always showing the bassplayer how to play.
  • He developed his own style, but had to discover it all over after he studied bass at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston.
  • His mother liked to sing and his father played the contrabass in a jazzcombo.
  • His grandfather (a painter) brought macrobiotics to Belgium. The family founded a company called Lima in Sint-Martens-Latem.
  • He had a disturbing relationship with Chris Whitley. They were very close, but Whitley hurt him deep several times.
  • He moved to Denmark after he fell in love with a Danish woman. He worked mostly in Belgium (for Arno). When his wife gave birth to their son his wife more or less forced him to make a choice: stay in Denmark with her or work in Belgium
  • He didn't know dEUS very good at the time of the audition: Alan played like an old Belgian and made a lot of errors, but his attitude made up a lot
  • He now feels completely at ease within the band
  • He thinks dEUS will be a fantastic band when they start working on the next album
  • He's happy artists as Clouseau, Will Tura and Laura Lynn support 0110
  • He likes to do something with Trixie Whitley and is planning to do some impro-stuff with Mauro
  • His son has recovered from lymfekliercancer a couole of months ago. He was again confronted with the dilemma music or family. He choose for dEUS because it's his only mean of earning money.
  • Klaas and Alan are the only fathers in dEUS. It will affect the next tours: they will only play the bigger cities and the tours will be shorter

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