10 September 2006 at 19:34 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Yesterday night in Middelburg was nice. Technically spoken it wasn't the best dEUS-gig ever. But the setting made up a lot. A beautiful abbeysquare and a very relaxed band. I was suprised by the number of visitors. The square wasn't packed at all. I estimate there were about 1.500 dEUS-lovers. A big part of the Abdijplein was totally empty. You could easily get in the front (even during the gig). Tom even made a joke during the gig (,,It's a long time ago we played in front of a terrace'').

The kicked of with Turnpike, Stop-Start Nature, Instant Street and Fell Off The Floor, Man and played mainly the regular set for this tour. Almost all songs from Pocket Revolution (except Include Me Out), Suds & Soda, Via and W.C.S from Worst Case Scenario, Little Arithmetics and Roses (from In A Bar). They added Nightshopping (on audience request) and played only one encore (Assault on dEUS). I'm really bad in ordering songs, so don't expect an exact setlist.

Tom dedicated Nothing Really Ends to Julien Schoenaerts, a belgian actor who died at 81 this week and father of Matthias Schoenaert (Chouki in Any Way The Wind Blows).

It was great to see them in this intimate setting and to see how much fun they had on stage. Let the countdown to 0110 begin!

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