3 March 2006 at 09:41 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

Three words. GREAT. GIG. AGAIN. The 2nd-gig in Vorst was a completely different experience for me. The stomach felt ok again. I met Hans and Jyves before the gig and we stood about 10 meters away from the stage. I share Jyves' opinion about Snow Patrol (boring after some time).

The setlist was more or less the same. They didn't play Put The Freaks Up Front and Serpentine tonight and they changed the order of the songs a bit after Turnpike. A good thing because that was the part were many people lost their attention wednesday-evening.

The band looked more relaxed too. They were obviously enjoying themselves on stage. Tom did say more than Merci between the song. And even Mauro and Alan spoke to the crowd.

The crowd was also better than wednesday. More jumping, more handclapping, more dancing. The gig was recorded for a Dutch pay-tv-channel and Tom encouraged everyone to misbehave. Instant Street was the first highligt, Roses was ok again and What We Talk About, When We Talk About Love sounded a lot better dan wednesday.

Vorst went totally crazy during Suds & Soda. There was even a camera-man in the moshpit. The Supersharp-part was left away and replaced by some other lyrics. The gig ended with Hotellounge.

Afterwards, Jyves and I met Neeltje and her sister. We had some beers and succesfully 'begged' some crewmembers for tickets for the aftershow in the KVS for Neeltje and her sister. We first went to the aftershow in the VIP-lounge of Vorst. Another highlight in my fan-being.

We talk to Steph (he told us about the pay-tv and also told that the dvd will be a compilation of different gigs) and Tom (he agreed with us the gig was better than the first one, they were more relaxed because it was the second time, ...) Stef Kamil was also there.

We left Vorst at 1 o' clock. I gave Jyves a ride home and decided to skip the KVS-party when I totally lost my way and thinking about the fact I had to get out of bed at 7' o clock it didn't look like a bad idea at all to me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bart, Thanks for those tickets! So that's why we didn't see you at the afterparty, you got lost! :) It's easy to get lost in Brussels, isn't it (my sister and I know all about that by now). Anyway, the afterparty was nice but we decided to leave at about 03.15 because we still had to get back to Antwerp and I had to work today. Around that time the music wasn't so good anymore anyway (don't know if it got better again later).



  2. Anonymous says:

    hey bart,

    ik zag je nog staan beneden maar ik stond boven en op dat moment wilde de hele vloer naar buiten dus dat ging niet... ha dus die paarse bandjes waren voor de afterparty in vorst zelf??? nouja, ik was met mn ouders (oudste dEUS fans van vlaanderen :) dus we zijn maar netjes naar huis gereden...