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Three more dates for the 2006-tour have been confirmed:

24-02-2006 La Cite, Renne, France
25-02-2006 Bit Band Café, Caen, France
26-02-2006 La Luna, Maubauge, France
There's more info on the other dates too:
  • In early 2006 the band would like to perform in the UK, Israel/Palistine and Thailand.
  • From February 24th until March 7th, dEUS will visit France, Holland, Belgium and Germany
  • After that, the band is looking to tour the US, with dates still to be confirmed.
  • In April of 2006 dEUS will head for France, Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Click here for an overview of the confirmed dates so far.

(Source: dEUS.be)

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