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Yesterday's concert was even better than the one on tuesday. I had high expectations: it was the last night in Belgium, they should have had a great day (you don't sell out Vorst every day) and StuBru was gonna broadcast one hour live (and Tom doesn't like crappy live-recordings on the radio).

They played the same songs as tuesday, just shuffled a bit with the order. Great crowd this time. I was standing a bit further away than tuesday, but around me everyone was going completely mad. Thé highlight was Suds & Soda which made the AB go crazy. One of the best versions I've ever witnessed. And of course it was great to see Tim Vanhamel and Mauro doing a guitar-duel in If You Don't Get What You Want. And Theme From Turnpike is still a fucking great song.

Tom's voice sounded still tired and they didn't play everything perfect. Stop Start Nature and Bad Timing weren't as good as tuesday and I personally think that a song as Assault on dEUS is great on the Magnus-album, but it couldn't convince me live. They started 7 days, 7 weeks but started it all over again after a few seconds.

The setlist

01. Pocket Revolution
02. Magdalena
03. Cold Sun of Circumstance
04. Instant Street
05. Fell Off The Floor Man
06. Stop-Start Nature
07. The Real Sugar
08. WCS
09. If You Don’t Get What You Want
10. Turnpike
11. Roses
12. Assault on Magnus
13. Nothing Really Ends
14. Sun Ra
15. Serpentine
16. Bad Timing
17. 7 days, 7 weeks
18. Little Arithmetics
19. Suds & Soda
20. What we talk about when we talk about love

Update: here's another AB-review and here's Jyves' one

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