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The highlights from the Oor-interview:

  • Smokers Reflects is about the 5-6 minutes of thoughts floating through your head when you smoke a cigarette
  • the title comes from David Hockney from the pro-smokerslobby
  • Tom considers Smokers Reflect as his State of the union
  • Smokers Reflect and Eternal Woman are representing his now, he couldn't have written these songs 5 years ago
  • they wanted an uptempo album that they could play live
  • Six songs didn't make it to the album, but we shouldn't expect these popping up on the next album
  • Maria Schneider is about eternal beauty and eternal youth
  • It's a song about the fact that you still haven't found love when you're 35
  • Vantage Point investigates the impact of what western media are presenting as a bad world
  • Popular Culture is about the impact American culture has on our lives. It's not our culture, but it influences us a lot
  • He wrote Eternal Woman after he saw a Pixies-documentary
  • The title is inspired by a painting he got from his mother, Hans Bellmer
  • Favorite Game was titled Re-fuck first
  • According to Tom the lyrics from the first version were more pornographical
  • Slow is a reaction on Oh Your God and Favorite Game
  • Slow is a song about Mauro. Tom admires Mauro for the distance he can take from things
  • John Denver also wrote a song about Buckminster Fuller (What One Man Can Do)
  • He learnt about Fuller when he had plans to rebuild his appartment. He contacted an architect and that guy started to tell about Fuller
  • Is A Robot criticises people who think they are alternative but in fact are as preprogrammed as the people they're reacting at
  • He liked the speech Marleen Vanderpoorten gave when he received his award from the Flemish parliament
  • Vantage Point is more a group-album than the previous ones
  • Tom wants to make the next album a real group album
  • He says Pocket Revolution was not their best album, but it sure is their most important one, because they survived it
  • He's aware of the influences and impulses he got from his mother and father

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  1. Jyves says:

    What? SIX new songs left out, and no B-side on The Architect and Slow? Pleaaaaaase....