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The highlights from the interview with De Morgen:

  • Tom choose Michäel Borremans because he wanted to collaborate with a Belgian artist
  • Tom was planning to let Borremans make a videoclip after he saw a videoproject by Borremans called The Feeding
  • Tom is happy Borremans took the time to write all texts in the booklet
  • John Denver has apparently also written a song about Buckminster Fuller (What One Man Can Do)
  • Tom was attracted by the image of Fuller standing at the side of the river, ready to commit suicide after his girl died of tuberculose
  • There's a lot of smoking on Vantage Point too They've took measures to save Tom's voice from being influenced by the smoke: the backstage is smokefree and they're planning to make the tourbus smokefree too
  • Tom is doing sports again too (sailing, squash and recently skiing)
  • Tom has only seen two movies with Maria Schneider and the poster of The Passenger is his all time favourite
  • He wasn't amused by the fact a movie called Vantage Point was released almost at the same time of the album, but on the other hand a movie disappears after two months, while they will be touring for a year
  • Tom called Guy Garvey because he thought the song needed a bit more drama
  • They also asked Neneh Cherry to contribute to the album, but she will probably be on the next one
  • Tom and Stephane asked her for a photo in the backstage of a festival
  • He thinks they can still grow outside Belgium.
  • For the first time since WCS the album will be released in Australia and Japan
  • They will be touring the USA as well, but only the big cities: Boston, New York and Los Angeles
  • There were doubts around Mauro staying in the band, but that is no longer an issue: Mauro will also be on the next album
  • Tom wants to release the next album before the end of 2009
  • They'll start recording in september
  • dEUS has sold about a million albums in total
  • Tom is always pissed when other Belgian bands are minimalising the impact of dEUS outside Belgium
  • They've considered skipping Werchter and going to Dour because it fitted much better with the clubtour.
  • They will not be doing Pukkelpop because they'll be on the other side of Europe at that time
  • They'll perform in Antwerp in autumn, but not in the Sportpaleis or the Lotto-Arena

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