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More from the Vrij Nederland-interview: (click here to read the 1st part)

  • Frank Vercruysse, one of the actors from Any Way The Wind Blows, told Tom there's an older feeling in everything Tom does, but he brings it in a younger, enthusiastic way.
  • Tom agrees. It's probably because he grew up between older people. His father was 63 when he was born. A lot of his friends are older too.
  • He thinks his mental age is 45.
  • Duality young - old is also in dEUS-gigs: no nonsense-rock in Suds & Soda and a paranoid atmosphere in Bad Timing
  • He likes to make complex music and live without complexed. Mauro describes it as Linking decadence to discipline
  • Time Out Chicago described dEUS as ,former next big thing'.
  • It hurts Tom because dEUS will never sell 20 million records. They've sold 150.000 from Pocket Revolution so far, so it will probably be their best selling album.
  • He hates it when people ask him 'How come you're not bigger?'
  • Tour will end on October 1st in Antwerp and they will immediately start working on a new album
  • He's proud about the good relation between dEUS and The Netherlands
  • About the gig in Antwerp against intolerance: the message is "we don't need intolerance over here", but they will bring it with positive vibes: no speeches, no left wing thingies
  • Apparently they're having some problems with the location. Local authorities are not very supporting.

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