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There's an interview with Tom in this week's issue of Vrij Nederland. You can read a snippet on the Vrij Nederland-website. Here's a short round-up. A full report will follow as soon as I get the magazine.

About the tour

  • This tour is the biggest and longest tour dEUS has ever done
  • Tom says he's surrounded with a dream-band. In the past there was always someone spoiling the fun.

He also talk about the racist murders in Antwerp. In case you don't know: a couple of weeks ago some guy killed a black woman and a 2-year old (white) girl in broad daylight in the centre of Antwerp. Here's an article (in English) about it. And Wikipedia has a large item about the killer (here's a Dutch version).

Apparently, one of Tom's best friends was a family member of Luna, the little girl. Luna's parents had a restaurant were Tom celebrated his mother's 75th birthday only a couple of weeks ago. The evening of the murders they played in Leipzig. Tom was filled with anger on stage. He played better, sung better, sung more sensitived. He didn't mention anything about the murders, he only dedicated a song to the family.

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