5 June 2006 at 13:23 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Some short words by Tom about Pinkpop and the festivalseason on the 3voor12-website.

  • They didn't rehearse last week: they played 140 gigs the last months, so everybody knows what to do by now
  • They played with Happy Mondays on Saturday: it reminded him how a festival should be: no nonsense, a party
  • 3rd Pinkpop: first two Pinkpop-gigs with dEUS were bad. He's more a Lowlands-guy.
  • Last week he worked on a new Magnus-track.
  • He started playing squash again. He played in competition until he was 18. Then he started smoking and gained interested in girls
  • They will play 30 festivals until the end of July. Festivals are fun if the weather is great
  • He never was a festivalfreak. He went to Werchter one time. To sell shoarma.

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