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Shall I knock you down with another summary? Here's one from the interview in Humo.

  • He's a bit disappointed in the video for The Architect
  • The video was a testcase for a dvd they will be releasing next year
  • They don't know what sort of dvd it will be (but not a live-gig, backstage-footage or making of-documentary)
  • He finished the clip for Slow in 5 days
  • The next single will be Oh Your God and the video will be made in the studio
  • He toured Europe 11 days and did about 140 interviews the last weeks
  • He's tired of the soul searching-interviews
  • His favorite drug is XTC
  • The last time he played a gig under influence of Dope was in 1997
  • He's working on a new movie with a couple of friends, but we shouldn't expect anything the first three years
  • He got the feeling that the new members (Alan, St├ęphane and Mauro) had too much respect for the old dEUS
  • There was a B-52's-bridge in the first version of The Architect, but the rest of the band didn't like it
  • He still likes to play Suds & Soda
  • He's in excellent condition, he's doing fitness, but never uses machines
  • He hasn't seen the interview he did with Nick Cave, because he hates to see himself
  • The daughter of Maria Schneider is living in Paris and Tom sent her an invitation for the gig next week
  • He bought a house in Antwerp, but he's still planning to move to the south of Europe
  • He can live from his music
  • Anyway The Wind Blows didn't make any money, except in Poland
  • Manu Riche is still following him for the documentary
  • He knows they have a lot of great footage, but also a lot of painfull footage

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