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A round-up from the interview with Stéphane in DaMusic:

  • Here's the video with the opening quote of The Architect
  • Stéphane saw Vantage Point (the movie) and thinks it's really bad
  • He's happy about the choices they made during the recording and the songs that made it to the album
  • When She Comes Down nearly didn't make it to the album
  • The next album will be more experimental
  • Dave McCracken was very important, although they had their doubts in the beginning
  • The choir in Popular Culture will hit the stage in Werchter
  • According to Stéphane Vantage Point was also inspired by Bowie (Heroes) and Iggy Pop (China Girl)
  • McCracken said the album should sound like the rehearsal place, so they almost used the whole building
  • CJ Bolland is currently mixing and recording a new album in the dEUS-studio
  • Stéphane says people are underestimating the important role of Klaas

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